About Consciousness Of Economics

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COE & UFP encompass aveunes in “Energy & Structural” medicine, wellness, health, holistic, energy medicine, diet & nutrition, scanning, screening, re-patterning, osteopathic (non MD), structural re-programming, medical intuitive, astrology, shamanism, magic, ritual, restoration, dreaming, prayer, intentional creation, energy mapping, looping, coaching, for people, animals, land, home & business.

Biodynamic & urban farming, enviorment, holistic & restorative & holistic processes, dousing, compost (microbial medicine), community, sustainability, shamanism, energy mapping, screening, ceremony, energy medicine, earth acupuncture, grid shift, earth medicine/s for farms, for business, animals (domestic & farm), land, water, plants and soil.

Consulting, coaching, business development for business, & start ups.

COE & UFP teach workshops & webinars, speak & lecture at events, consult, do hands of building & development, hands on healing in person or long distance.