Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

I am Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff I came to earth in the second grand wave for star beings into physical beings in the 1960s that Dolores Cannon spoke about.  I was gifted by my star family to be born into two very old bloodlines on my mother’s side and my father’s side.  These bloodlines include shamanic, healers, earth keepers, prophets, herbalist people of great connection and abilities. Usually, when you are born into these bloodlines you get one or the other of the gifts, being a star being I got them all.

When I was age four a biological and energetic shift took place that I call the activation. This activation came about upon my body three times that year and has never happened since. I was so physically sick that year that I almost died and was turned away from the hospital. Being a very sensitive being even in a human body I have very strong negative reactions to Pharmaceutical drugs especially antibiotics and pain killers. These activations came on with very hallucinatory fevers, I was not in my body most of the age of four. The activation process would end with burns on the bottom of my foot. Each foot contained a symbol in a burn, that burned from the inside out, took months for the area to completely heal to normal just in time for the activation to start again. During this time my body was being used to bring new energies here to the planet earth and also connecting them together. One of the main reasons I have been very involved with finding and working with Native Medicine people they have and use this symbol/s.

After the three activations at age five, I began hearing, seeing and feeling beings that are not always seen by the eye in this world. Good and Bad beings started communicating with me. The first dark forces I met in our backyard in my mother’s garden, I was watering the plants and I watched a hole open in the ground and the voices started whispering. I was well trained by my family from birth about beings, I was very aware of what side these beings were on and what they wanted. I put the hose in the hole, went to the picket and turned it up all the way, I was going to drown them! I saw my first dark force when I was six. Around this same time, I was attracting insects of all kinds, you might say that they were my first clients and teachers. When I have two my father who raised me found me standing on top of a large red ant hill, he said that I was covered from head to toe with red ants. He grabbed me toss me on to the tailgate of his truck and blasted me with the garden hose, my fathers were without words he said I did not have one mark on my body from the ants. at age five I began healing and raising bugs from the dead, I was lucky to have a family of highly gifted people and even for them I was a force.

I grew up with a deep connection to the earth, animals, insects, and beings that that for the most part still help me, fix me, cure me, teach me and protect me. Even when I was little they would pull me through the physical into where they are.  Many being travel to many places effortlessly. They will pull me out of this world into theirs when I need help, information, healing and sometimes just when I need deep rest.

I suffered a major head injuring during my birth, back then they used forceps on hard births damaging the brain by crushing the soft skull. I was expected to be mentally challenged but those beings fixed me. I have had over 7 major head injuries in my life that have always been repaired at some point by the unseen. When I was six years of age I was hit in the head with the butt of an army rifle by the kid who lived next door it cracked me skull open in the front right side, the crack was so large my brain was pushing out the hole and I was found by my father unconscious on the ground. Again the unseen fixed me. At Thirty-two I found out that I had stage five brain cancer and I should never have survived, I had to work hard on fixing myself they gave me very little help with it and took a long time, but I did with no medical help at all. I was the push I needed to get back on track with the shamanic practices that I had left behind.

I worked with my Great Grandmother Billy on my mom’s side when I was little till she left this world. She taught me how to communicate with all beings, mostly birds. She was a very powerful Shaman, the most powerful person I have ever known or met in this world. Her powers to heal were exceptional and she graced me with no verbal language of medicine that established my first understanding of medicines in all the natural, cosmic world forms. She left her body when I was eight, her body still alive sang every day all day in her native language, a language that I never heard her speak when she was still in her body. She was working on this world until her body stopped working.

During my teens, I had to rely on the unseen beings to help me, keep me growing and finding my way down the path. The beings did such an amazing job of sourcing material and people for me. I was reading books like Jane Roberts Seth materials, Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, and other incredible books. To this day I cannot believe what I read and got my hands on, no one blinked an eye about the materials I was reading, love those beings for shielding.

In the last Thirty-two years of my life I have traveled, studied and continued to educate my mind and spirit. I have had many exceptional teachers in my life, many Native. At the end of this, I will be putting links to other places that will help you gain an understanding of me and the diversity of what I have to offer.

Over the course of the last thirty years, I have education, certifications, apprenticeships from all the places I wanted to study. If I could put the credentials together I would have at least equivalent of two PHDs. It finally makes sense to me know and everything I was lead to study and who with, most of my life seemed it did not fit, but recently at fifty-one, I was shown how it all fits perfectly together, could have not done it better myself.

I have been a Traditional Osteopath for thirty years studied and apprenticed with people who were old school. I have been working on animals since I was a kid and I went on to study programs that relate to animal health. I studied with the man who developed animal chiropractic and I work on animals from communication, mental health, emotional stress, physical hands-on methods,  energetic and environmental issues. I have over thirty years of Nutritional education that is not like the main public, there are very important aspects of what I call silent nutrients that most of us lack and have for generations. I have been practicing shamanism and other energy arts since born I use them on humans, animals, and environments. I am also a nationally certified herbalist which took place over fourteen years to complete from wildcrafting to anthroposophy plant medicines studies. I am a certified Biodynamic farmer and I love doing land restoration work. I make, construct, collect, create, activate and make medicines for the physical, energetic, spiritual for humans, animals, and environments.

I speak any chance I get on topics that I specialize in. I work with people individually, family and groups. I teach classes. I work with and on people, animals and environments in person or online with a zoom video calls. my radio show twice a week

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I do all forms of holistic Healthcare: Structural, Food as Medicine, Nutritional, Herbal, Energetic Medicine Arts and More. Thank You, Peace In and Out.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff & Gin Gin

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