Ministry Of Consciousness Fire Ceremony…

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Consciousness Of Economics presents..

Ministry Of Consciousness Fire Ceremony

Concow, California February 27th through March 2nd  2015

Transmutation ~ Fire & Snake Medicine ~ Dreaming ~ Earth Medicine

February 27 Join in for an evening of fire teachings and education on how to bring about change by encouraging a relationship with Grand Father Fire. Learn traditional and nontraditional practices while we work with a bon fire as a community for personal long term building of your own fire therapies. Hands on and discussion. Donation and pot luck sharing 5 pm to 10 pm.

  • February 28 Mini healing clinic by donation with pot luck lunch sharing from 11 am to 4 pm.
  • March 1 Mini healing clinic by donation from 10 am to 12 noon.
  • March 1 Private healing session choose from a Shamanic Healing or Non MD old school Osteopathic session. Call for times.
  • March 2 Private healing session choose from a Shamanic Healing or Non MD old school Osteopathic session. Call for times.

Contact: Elizabeth @ or 530.570.2871 for more information and location.

Fire Medicine: Fire can be called upon as a teacher to generate power for creation, health, and healing, spiritual pursuits. Fire purifies us by burning away the old that is no longer useful. It is a necessary medicine in the process of transmutation and transformation. Fire medicine covers vast medium/s in which our work with fire can be carried out: the sun, lightening, physical fire, heat, cosmic energies, nature’s life forces, electrical current, passion and the “spark” of creation. Sacred Fire which is also a term for fire medicine when expressed in “higher states of consciousness”. Fire is a powerful current, flame, wave, spark of energy that when actively invoked initiates an intelligent of power to overcome obstacles and fuel our vast infinite potential. This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff (She Walks Among Stars) has been a life time student & practitioner of Shamanism. She is the Minister of Health for the Ministry Of Consciousness & founder of the Snake Clan and current functioning Shaman. Bridgette works within a 64 dimensional grid and she specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine, and Transmutation. For over 25 years Bridgette has taught & facilitated “Energetic & Structural Medicine” for humans and animals. In 2006 Bridgette began consulting for Corporate & Political geared business with a focus on creating “ECO-nomical Cooperation’s”. Bridgette is also a sustainable Biodynamic farmer educating about our spiritual return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, nutrition, soil, water, air, plants and animals. Offering workshops, webinars and classes, speak and lecture at events, consult, do hands of building and development, ceremonies, hands on healing in person or long distance. For more information please about services or hand crafted earth medicine for your location please contact Bridgette@ or 775.624.7862

Physical Being versus Non Physically Being….(pt 2)


I decided to take several days off after I became stoppable sick, I have been sleeping around the clock, getting rest I seriously need, getting grounded and focusing on my detoxing. I have been allowing the dreaming world to explain things to me, show me clearly what my next steps should be. I have been praying, giving tobacco prayers thanking the spirit world for the next steps. Though after 3 days of keeping to myself, resting, praying, detoxing I still feel off, I feel better but still feel off during which  several things have come to me.

The first thing that showed up was stress, the stress I tolerate and put up with from the outside world in the form of humans. I have allowed people for years to abuse me, I told myself I was taking the higher road as I know that what they are doing is not who they are but the passive aggressive limbo they are tragically in. This has been a huge mistake on my part mostly on the part of my body, there is only so much negativity  you can hear, deal with and be involved with no matter who you are. I have taken steps over the last 6 months slowly to eliminate such people, news and to be mindful, careful of the grocery store. I go very late these days after the crowds have left.  The produce we buy has water in it and that water, plants are directly affected by angry people touching it and then we come home and eat it! I really take my time now to wash the produce in water, with apple cider vinegar and I pray to the water that is in it and sitting in for the health of my being. This lesson is about being in the present moment and breaking the cycle of the passive energy and doing what I can in this moment to make everything more peaceful around me including my food!

Secondly a big discover has been love, not getting it but giving it to whatever I come in contact with that  needs it. The whole give and take thing, is another lie I am getting over and again it is part of the separate two path system. I keep hearing my inner voice saying things like: if I could just get some help I could more done, where is the help, where is the community? The truth is that I need nothing if I am unified, whole, not navigating two systems, thoughts, paths I have everything that is needed in me and so do you. I am no longer focused on balancing give and take, I function much better on being in the present moment and giving love, brushing the dog’s fur watching how much the dog loves it and the great’ful’ness it expresses when I am fully there with the dog brushing the dog. Watching the skies for the golden eagle couple that lives right by my house and upon seeing them sending waves of love. Even when I have to trap animals that are doing damage, doing it with love and the feeling of releasing them to a place that gives them exactly what they need to live more naturally in a better space, then following the signs to their right and perfect new home and releasing them. Giving Love all the time, instead of trying to force love on people or attempting to extract love from them, because of false need instilled in me. This whole spiritual give and take see saw. Giving is what we do when we are whole, it is what the creator does, did and has not asked for anything in return? The creator does not need, it just gives.

Third while I was dreaming a few days ago and I want to be clear this is not go to sleep, night time dreaming. This is what is known as the third attention kind of dreaming and traveling to other worlds, dealing with beings from these worlds in an attempt to sort out issues, bring back medicine, get healing for myself and others, ect, ect.  This is what real shamanism is about. I am lucky to have been trained coming from a traditional background in shamanism   and the people I have trained with and elevated by that process to levels easily by being in their space. So, I drove to the closest body of water and laid on the gravel beach, I started drifting was a very quiet day. I was looking at the sky closed my eyes and the other worldly sky appeared. A large human like hand moved across the sky with a concrete gray looking square. The hand placed the square in the sky and pushed on it as it snapping it in. I noticed a crack in the square and this crack began to suction a white puss like fluid from my body, energy field. When it was removed there was a short break and then the suction started again, this time removing a yellow mucus puss that was thicker and harder to pull towards the square. Then it was completed. The words from Miguel Ruiz scrolled across my inner sky: Do not eat emotional poison! I had not only been eating poison but it was reflecting as energetic puss, energy infection, virus that was affecting me now and if left un-cleared could result in severe power loss, a very sick body and early death in this life.  I returned to this world faded off, it was a great nap in the sun, in the silence.

Fourth is something that one of my amazing teachers who is a Shoshone medicine man, rain maker of the highest levels who keeps working on and with me. His biggest teaching is not putting your sorry, your sad, your happiness or any other emotion on other people, events, history, animals, land and including yourself not putting unnecessary emotions on things, events or people. Something that is not easy to do. I am not talking about being an unfeeling ass. What he is saying is that by me putting my sorry on another person for something that has happened is like a curse. That once a course of thought, feeling becomes an action the person or event cannot shake it. Putting your sorry on someone is also a waste of energy and will come back on you as an event in your life that will make you sorry for yourself. What comes around goes around. Do not think that happiness is different than sorry projected it is not, it is still a projection onto whatever it is or whoever it is. Better to just have non attachment and allow the person or situation to work out for the highest and greatest good, knowing that spirit is doing its job. While we do not project a added mess, adding more confusion and mostly harm. Do no harm or it comes back. Keeping my emotions to myself has been something that has been out of control in my life for a long time. It started when I was about 10, I saw starving children on tv. Broke my little heart and since then I have spent a great deal of time trying to feed people, end their suffering if even for a moment. The key here is not in the feeding of people, helping people, it is in me and how I view it and the emotions I am projecting on them. I have projected my sorry, sad and my own personal guilt for not having more to give in the past. They may have fared better if I had not made the sorry, given them sorry food, sad food, guilty food and left them alone and allowed their great spirit to guide them without the added mess. We like to separate that happy is better than sad, when projecting it possibly may not be, sometimes happiness are not where people are at, it is better to know that everything no matter how it looks is right and perfect, when I give food now, I give it with nothing attached. A link to the teacher I was discussing:

Fifth has to do with that sometimes our cells are not ready for change; they have been stuck and can block us from moving forward, freely, passing our own boundaries. In some cases people that pass these boundaries, go for the gold of all they can be also have psychological breaks, major health crisis and even death. I feel that having to hide my family lines, who I am, what I can do in the fear of being killed, destroyed, murdered has created blocks in which my cells are trying to keep me in the box, keep me safe from the harm by creating strange sicknesses.  As the my mind changes, as my emotions change and as my cells change, let go moving forward in my work in the public will create much less sickness /separation for me in the future. I was trying to find a story Bruce Lipton tells about a remarkable boy, he plays piano and a concert where he let it all go his brilliance playing his heart out to the highest and greatest, however he believed he did not believe that he was good and by bypassing the system of our own design after he was done playing he had a long term mental break. Sometimes sickness is a way of our bodies protecting us from our best, greatest because our stories from the start have been about us being much less than we are. Programming runs deep. I could not find the story, but will leave you with this:

And I imagine you might be glad that I have reached the last part and it has to do with my gallbladder which informed me the others day that it was part of the cause of the dizziness I was undergoing. I took this as a signal that it was now playing a separate program from “the body”. The emotional sourness, bitterness of an entire lifetime had created enough damage that the gallbladder was not operating as a part of the unified body system and was under collapse.  I spent some time looking into what the positive emotional response is for the gallbladder is, my training only categorized the organs of the body by the negative traits. Laughter was the positive trait and tears are the healing tool. Though my focus is trying to get away from one way or another I have been crying heavily since December 2010 after I did ceremonial DMT. Since that time a whole lot of stuff has been coming up and moving out of my energy body, mostly my emotional body. Bringing my emotional body much closer to my physical that is ever has been.  I joke about it having been around china most of my life! I was more than depressed for 6 months after the DMT experience. What I saw and learned shook me in the best way, in the best possible way in the long term and one day something I am going to write about.

The male side where my gallbladder lives is causing stress on my heart on the female side. Maybe like a very unhappy man taking his bitterness out on his wife, he has held it in for a long time and now it appears to be boiling over. My female left side heart has been passively taking the boil over. The brain that unifies them, bridges them is also under attack. War between the sex’s the internal game of passive aggressive is being played out in my body.

What is the common ground between being and doing? And what is the common ground of physical and non physical? What is the place where unity exists? As I unravel and the spirit world reveals the information to me step by step, as I ask deeper questions, desiring deeper truths, I can only do what is offered until the complete healing through unification of the physical and non take place within me thus effecting out of me and in the long run healing these issues in me will heal them in our Earth Mother and eventually all beings. Getting both feet on the same path in the same direction, out of the polarity and duality into the omnipresent being.

Grow Food, Be Free and Live for a Living!


Physical Being versus Non Physically Being….(pt 1)


Today I woke up still feeling terribly off. Like most of us on planet earth stress has reached a critical mass for me. I began to get heavy dizzy spells it seemed for no reason and with them came a circle, zig zag lined with rainbow prisms in the view of my life eye.

My entire life I have lived in the realm of what I call the DODIE DODIE which means the realties and worlds that exist along side of the one that we think it real and make all the difference in how we react and respond to this world that is basically fake, made up and in this world we can die or some other fear based reality can destroy us. The bottom line is that what we really are and where we came from can never be destroyed nor die, only the body, however there are many conscious beings who have used their bodies to cross time, space through cracks in the same body for 2000 physical years. There are books if you look for them where their stories are told. I have spent years with master and gurus, shamans, medicine people who also have told me stories about such people. I believe that during the course of the life that I have met a few of them who came to help me. I am noting this because we may even be able to change our minds in such a way that we are no longer bound to earth or to this reality we are living? Including our body? Something to think about for sure it would change everything about our painful, sad experiences on this level and it would change health care as it would no longer be needed.

Over the last 25 years of my life crazy experience/s beyond my control (like the deaths of 15 family members from 98 to 03) which I am calling fire/s here. I have had one fire after another; I have had to put these fires out single handedly. Sometimes there have been 5 major forest fires at once in my life and I am the only one battling them in an effort to put them out. I laugh and often tell people I have lived the life of a 90 year old person in a short 46 years! All of the events / fires have been life experiences that have lead me to where I am now. The final crossroad or let’s call it a split. Instead of looking ahead as two path ways of choice maybe what it really is, possibly is, me with one foot on each side. That the further the gap in the roads the harder my life becomes, the more my body suffers, the further the stretch between my feet, which is like snapping me in half at the hips at some point. Maybe the work is to unify, not choose the red pill or the blue, but to bring both side fully together? maybe? I think for me that is exactly what is happening and I am failing because of my belief that I should just choose another road which keeps me separated on all levels, stretched out, and pulled apart instead of unified. For me this keeps the battle alive, keeps me fighting: on the internal and external, the female and male, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, the human and the God, the esoteric and the logical, the all or the nothing.

I have learned that you have to believe for it to be real. The things were are hooked are yet con jobs and  all look so real to keep your attention trapped and looping around into the same exact events over and over, the names may have been changed, costumes may be different but if you look deeply it is the same thing holding our attention keeping us stuck and the battle continues over and over until all the life, our batteries are run down and the physical body is destroyed in the greater scheme to cause the separation to forge a concept that this system we are living in is real and everything else is not, again another separation.

The physical symptoms that I have been having as of late stem from many issues: lack of rest, lack down time, lack of play time, my current juicing detox which is affecting my liver and gallbladder big time, people screaming at me, threatening me, sending me hate mail, pressures to make income to eat, my spiritual work has increased over the last 2 months and there is much more I could list but I want to focus on what I am noticing.

Over these last 2 weeks I have become aware at how fragile I am in the face of anger, rage, hate that comes from people. I see the passive / aggressive typical American broadcast more clearly. The passive being imbedded into the female, left side of the body and right brain and the aggressive right side, male and left brain. We have never really been taught balance, unity. We become passive, internalized and then we get filled with a need for rest, contemplation, healing, peace and the pressure from the outside world so much male being expressed onto us when this energy gets too much for us  we explode pushing back against that which will not let us be. No wonder heart issues are at the top of list in hospitals? Blood pressure is up and down destroying the oxygen levels in our brain which is causing early dementia, and then we return to the passive female energy as we are checking out on epic levels caused by disease. If we can only get sick enough maybe the world will let us be? Maybe I will have an excuse to be passive? Not have to deal with my life? (Because) I have no idea how to unify myself, to use the aggressive energy, male energy to instigate real change by implementing what is created, birthed out by the female instead of rage, war, drama, conflict and anger?  Or how to use the female energy for contemplation, connection to the infinite highways of information, pulling it in to us and creating an embryo of creation within, gestating and birthing it into reality? Into my reality. I get that there are chemtrails that are causing a huge amount of sickness, mental illness, physically illness but maybe at the bottom or at the heart of what is going on in our world could it be easier to check out? Being stuck in the passive aggressive limbo? Maybe it is easier to be sick then have a change of heart? Change of ideas? Obviously you need your heart to be in the right place, fully working properly to fuel the brain with the oxygen it needs to think, create and for the spark of potential and the possibility of real  change. So Change of heart may be needed on the spiritual level, astral level, ether level, dreaming level in order to stop the decay of the health of the heart and the shutting down of our brain. Pray that you have a change of heart in a good way. Pray for others to have a change of heart in a good way. Pray that this change of heart leads you to an infinite, creating, unified being in a good way. That is what I pray for daily.

Going back to the dizzy spells I have been having and the numerous possibilities that could be creating it. I recently found out that my blood pressure is way beyond what it should be and I have always had the lowest blood pressure no matter what was going on around me. I was told that the new viruses and flues are now creating long term heart disease issues including heart murmurs by a doctor I went to. Terrified me since I have one of these these viruses that has lasted 2 months. Since I am conflicted about western medicine, my whole life I have been alternative, I come from an alternative family and my work for 30 years is in the alternative markets or really traditional medicine is more correct statement. I healed my brain tumor alternatively. What I know is that for me anything in the system kills. It steals our power slowly till there is nothing left of us. Then we die and are forced into the “heaven” scenario which by the way is a lie, it is a computer generated hologram suited to express what you need to hear to get you to reincarnate back into this system until your soul energy, frequency is gone. The light that people see is no different than the light that the ET’s use to trap people and bring them aboard their ships for medical testing. A tractor beam of sorts. I know this sound crazy but it is the truth. The whole life and death experience is generated to steal your life force from the body and the soul/spirit. For me in order to sort out what is wrong with my body I have to allow all the details to emerge. Then I will know what the next step/s are and I can carrying them out with love.

This process that I have been undergoing for the last 2 years is one where I think I can finally write the truth about such ideas. I have not been able to put what I know into words and I understand also that my symptoms are directly related to allowing myself to write what I know to be true and my experiences. My heart is in conflict of staying under the radar, not expressing some of the deepest things I know, have witnessed, experienced through my life, not that I am afraid, but sometimes these things are so deeply hidden to keep me normal, that uncovering them, writing about them can seem like a sin of sorts. I am hoping that the days of hiding such information from those around me is over and as I am sorting out these health issues that the separation of who I am really and what I know will unify the person I have pretended to be to get along, not show too much power, keep the power backed up as not to overwhelm others, conceal, hide and live with one foot on each path bobbling back and forth with steps that are so slow going forward.

Please see pt 2 for the rest of the story.

Grow Food, Be Free and Live for a Living!


A Basic Shamanism Course / Classes for 2015…


moc pic header (3)

 What is Shamanism?

Shamanism encompasses the premise that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human     world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting our reality.  Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.

Teacher is Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff (she walks among stars) is the Minister of the Ministry Of Consciousness & Shaman for the Snake Clan. Bridgette works in 64 dimensions and specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine and Transmutation. Her Shamanism work also involves energy grid adjustments, altars, medicine bundles, coaching, screening, event looping, generating power, recapitulation, prayer, spiritual commitment ceremonies, plugging & unplugging covering people, animals, homes and offices.. Bridgette is also a sustainable Biodynamic farmer educating about our spiritual return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals.  She does private sessions by appointment.

All classes are basic teachings of Shamanism usages, the practices can cross into physically, astral, ether, dimensional and the worlds influenced by spirits and beings once mastered.

January 7 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Shamanism past, present, future and Bridgette’s body of work and experiences that she will be teaching from. Practice will discuss the application of plugging yourself in.

January 14 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on prayer, intention and the practice will be on the 7 directions.

January 21 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Alters. This will cover alters made for personal or group use, four direction concepts, outdoor, indoor, drawn, stones, blankets, symbols and ideas for items that can be added. Practice will be on making your own.

January 28 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Looping or event Looping. Practice will be on catching your own event Looping.

There will be two weeks off

February 18 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Medicine collecting and Medicine making. Practice will be on both.

February 25 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on medicine pray ties, medicine bundles and medicine flags. Practice will be on making your own.

March 4 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Recapitulating what is it and why it is necessary part of Shamanism. Bridgette will teach her own developed method. Practice will be to recapitulate something stealing energy from your past.

March 11 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on being present and creating sacred space for Shamanism work. Practice will be to be present and create your own sacred space by inner instruction.

There will be two weeks off

April 1 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Screening. Practice will be on using the screening.

April 8 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Generating Power (part one). Practice will be a modified version of Run to the Sun.

April 15 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Generating Power (part two) what you can utilize to generate power in your physical world and cosmically. Practice will be to come up with ways to generate power in your own life.

April 22 ~ 5:30 pm to 7 pm ~ One hour of class time by webinar and half hour for Q&A topic will be on Dreaming. Will discuss why we want to bridge the day, awake dream with the night, sleeping dream to eventually unify them into one reality whether we are “awake state or sleep state”. Practice will be on holding a picture and projecting it into the night dreaming state.

Participants will receive the webinar information several days before the class.

Costs of Classes are as follows: for one selected class is $20, for each four week section of classes $60 and for all twelve classes $150.

Classes can be paid by email through pay pal invoice. Contact the Ministry by email with your email and let us know which package you are interested in.

Private Shamanism sessions are by appointment only and appointments are held on skype by video call. These sessions cover Spirit Coaching/ Readings, Shamanism Healings and deeper development of the basic Shamanism work provided in the classes. For the participants that pay for and attend all twelve classes you will be able to schedule one discounted private appointment for each four week session. For a total of three discounted private appointments taking place on skype video call. These discounted appointments must be used before April 29, 2015.  Each appointment is about an hour and will cost $60 per with discount. New rates for private appointments will be $100 starting in 2015.

For more information please contact the Ministry Of Consciousness ~ 775.624.7862 ~ ~

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Water Wheel Ceremony Northern Nevada December 7th 2014…

What is a Water Wheel? How Does it Work?

  A Water Wheel is the sacred geometry design you see above. It is based on a Native        American medicine wheel. Its purpose is to energize, celebrate, and honor water. It is also  a place to deepen our relationship with the spirit of water.

  A Water Wheel can be a personal altar in your home (Water Wheel Kit), or the design can  be laid on the earth like a medicine wheel using corn meal, flowers, or stones. Seven clear  quartz crystals activate six points around the circle and the center and transmit healing  energy to and from the wheel.

  Water Wheels are activated by our thoughts, intentions, and clear quartz crystals to create an energy field, or vortex of consciousness, for energizing water. Water Wheels get our thoughts of love, gratitude, and appreciation, which have been scientifically proven to transform the very structure of water, flowing to water. The more love and energy the Water Wheel receives from us, the more energy goes out to help our source waters… from which all living things are fed.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff under the Ministry Of Consciousness will be creating a Water Wheel Ceremony for all those that wish to attend to support and heal Our Water in Northern Nevada. This ceremony will also be assisting, connecting and aligning with and international Water Wheel Ceremonies that are taking place on December 6th. Bridgette will be doing prayer work at Pyramid Lake to support Marshall on December 6th at the reactivation of a Water Wheel in Texas that is connected to other international Water Wheels. She intends to start prayer work and preparation arriving at the lake on the 6th and staying overnight completing the Water wheel on Sunday.

We are asking for a $25 donation for the Ministry and if you feel guided to leave a separate donation for Marshall please let me know and I will get it to him or feel free to donate on his sites above. You can support this wheel even if you are not coming in person and helping Bridgette carry out all of the earth healing work she is doing by donation at 

Items to bring for ceremony/group: white and yellow corn flour/meal, flowers, crystals clear or rose quartz stones for the alter and to share (need 2 large rose quartz stones for the middle and we need smaller quartz and rose quartz for the 6 nations/directions on the outer part of the wheel that will be covered and left at the site), pipe and loose leaf tobacco, sage loose or sticks and sweet grass. 

Items to bring for ceremony/personally: If you are encouraged to Camp out with Bridgette please bring the proper gear as it may be very cold, dress for the weather, bring a small jar in which to receive healing water after the ceremony for your own needs, pack yourself a lunch and fresh water, you can bring items to be blessed on the alter that you may take home with you after, please bring a clear quartz or rose quartz crystal for a personal Water pray flag (size of a quarter all the way around or smaller), please remember to pay the fees required of the people of the Lake which means if you are camping pay for the overnight camping and day fee for Sunday December 6th or we will be trespassing and we wish that all the medicine that goes into this Water Wheel is good, right and with respect of all involved.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff (she walks among stars) is the Minister of the Ministry Of Consciousness & Shaman for the Snake Clan. Bridgette works in 64 dimensions and specializes in her own formats, structures, practices in Shamanism utilizing Fire & Snake Medicine and Transmutation. Her Shamanism work also involves energy grid adjustments, altars, medicine bundles, coaching, screening, event looping, generating power, recapitulation, prayer, spiritual commitment ceremonies, plugging & unplugging sessions. Bridgette is also a sustainable Biodynamic farmer educating about our spiritual return back to Earth. She brings insights on how to work with the medicine of earth in systems of recovery and restoration for the health of our bodies, soil, water, air, plants life and animals.

This is a participatory event.

Grow Food, Be free & Live for a Living!


My Last (bad) Abduction…


I have been in a hit or miss with my writing. Returning from a 3 months on the road which I am calling a long vision quest I am clearer and hopefully more open to reach in and pull out information to write about. In the past I would sit down to write then an aspect of me would shut off and shut down in an act of protection:  “what should not be told or shared ever”! I would face a catatonic state for several days then attempt to try again. Then for a long time I just stayed with writing about reality which includes nutrition, farming and some very basic shamanism experiences that I could easily write about. I want that is my goal is to write about it all and everything in between.

For a very long time my internal life has been like a home of a hoarder. My experiences, knowledge and information was held hostage in the depths of the rooms, covered by layers of garbage that kept the jewels hidden. Through the last 3 months I have purged much of the debris away and the fear, shame, and insecurity about myself, my journey and my life’s work. I am going to attempt to start writing about such things that do not fit the main stream systems that have happened to me. You as the reader may taken them or leave them, if by chance they awaken something inside of you and give courage to keep going fully aware and awake.

There were so many deep seated issues that came to head, long term fear systems from the experience in which I am going to be discussing here today. I think so many of us face this and it creates a “why try” attitude because nothing you do, throw at, change…………seems to work against abduction by forces that are not from this planet. It leaves a residue all over waking life, daily life situations and leaves us overwhelming with an underground, under our skin fear, constant fear and personal insecurity and huge confusion about how to live daily life.

This is what I found when I finally came to blows with my last abduction by the ET’s I call the grays. That it had contaminated any ability to be free, powerful and happy. That somewhere sometime “they” were going to take me, harm me, kill me, scare the poop out of me and there was nothing I could do about it.  I could never seem to put my finger on it of what my issues really were because of the imbedded nature of the conflict of abduction in my emotional body from the first days of my life on earth when it all began. It meant that I could never trust anyone bottom line, that I was on my own. No one can save you from abduction and everyone lies about it. Our whole systems lie about this very significant issue about abduction and ET’s. We end up damaging ourselves, breaking ourselves to form ourselves into a reality that there are NO ET”S experimenting on us or other people. If your system lies about this one thing, can you stop and imagine that they are lying about everything? Which make our lives, our experiences completely and totally invalid in the world we live and we are seen as crazy, drugged by main stream and most of us sub come to suicide in attempt to finally be free from the abusive, forced medical experiments in which we have by bad ET’s for most of our lives over and over.

When I was young I had experiences with many ET”S. Some were very good and some very bad. The good ones taught me about the nature of reality, our true abilities and flew me to other worlds. The last time the “good” ET’s visited me was when I was 23. I was living in a small one room dwelling with a loft. The loft was just big enough to put a camping mat on with bedding, size of a kids single bed in width and about 15 feet long. The loft was only for sleeping, no room for anything else. At the bottom of this loft area, at the foot was a window that opened by pulling it from the top towards you. It was a medium size window. I remember opening the window that night, it was a warm summer’s night and it was a very quiet night.

I fell into a deep sleep. I was awakened laying face down flat with my arms out stretched looking at a landscape we were flying over. The bottom of this craft was like glass, see through. I could not stand up against the forces so I just laid there looking down over this world a red  planet we were flying over. I kept saying: this is not earth; this is not earth over and over. I was with the good ET’s and I was so excited! The good ET”s have a love for us, our expansion of consciousness, mind you, it reflects on their consciousness as well. They are our family members which may be hard to swallow for some. When first nation people talk about the ancestors from the sky they are talking about their families of origin which are the Star Nations or what we call ET’s.

When the trip was over they gently put back on my loft bed.  I was sitting up and the window at my feett was a big screen of light with no edges slowly it collapsed back into the window at my feet. I felt safe and alive, I rolled over and went back to sleep. This was my last visit from my family of origin. If I had only known it was the last time I would have great’ly thanked them for what they have done for me, but we do not know when the end comes and makes it vital we live presently in the now fully living each experience.

I have spent most of my life working on remedies to prevent the “bad” ET abductions. Immersed myself in every culture, religion and spiritual path to halt and stop it. I always return back to my path with shamanism and it is through a rigorous shamanic path that I after years had finally stopped the nightly assaults on me. The types of shamanism practices that I have used and developed will not be in the discussion here. However in the future I hope to write about such things. One particular practice that has taken me years to harness is what the topic of “The Art of Dreaming” goes into. Used in conjunction with several generating power techniques helped me reach the level  needed to not be “hypnotize” by another any longer even the “bad ET”S”. I currently teach generating power workshops as well as consult with people or life couching in the arts, work and practice of shamanism. I do groups and private sessions, in person and by Skype video call by appointments. I do charge and can adjust it accordingly. These days it is how I make my living.

I am working on getting a tele-seminar of workshops going but I have been really forced into clearing my own slate this year 2014. I was asked by spirit to start doing road trips to teach and bring my work to places that it is needed. In the process I found myself on road trip personal vision quests clearing huge amount of blocks in myself, reclaiming energy and getting my ducks together in a row as I evolve into what spirit had in mind for me.

I want you to know that there are” good” ET”s which are our families members from before we came here and “bad” that do I feel mean harm, in some cases great harm.  As I journey down the road of life everything that I participate in is always about freedom to choose, freewill of some sort and for me the events that I have suffered through with the bad ET’s have left me NO know options or choices against their agendas and what seems to be a scientific study. I thoroughly believe in like attracts like and we do this same kind of process to animals against their wills for science. Maybe it is a matter of that we get what we give? Could it be as simple of stopping the experimenting on animals, then the experimenting on us will stop? I have considered many lines of thought in regards to my experiences with the bad ET”S and all I know is that for me as a person, a spirit out of freewill and my freedom to choose. I do not want to participate with being abducted without being asked while I am in an awaken state. I know that my answer would be something along the lines of “fuk you” and I am unwilling to be involved with it on any level, I wish you a nice day.

Who in their right mind would become a scientific experiment? No one that is why in our history the nazi scientist did the same kinds of tests and experiments that the ET”S do on us to the Jewish people who were in prison and could not opt out. There are times I do believe that maybe the stories about this being a prison planet are true, but at some point you awaken through a process of spiritual work in my case shamanism, the varieties that extend back 10,000 years or more and you begin to learn how to control your experience and fully opt out even if it comes to violence. That leads us into the last abduction I had, where my work in the night dreaming world and generating of power finally paid off!

Around the middle of December in 2013, I was in the condo alone; my roommate was out of town for a long duration. It had been a very long time since the last time I was abducted and I had felt this way due to the shamanic work I was doing. I went to bed early that night.

I woke up, I felt myself being pulled off my bed on top the floor. I was then being dragged down the hall hovering in the air in my comforter. Though this situation happened rapidly a matter of seconds I was fully aware in my dreaming body. The fear was minimum and I was able to act, think and react without much effort. My comforter was wrapped around me like a doobie. I was rolled up in it. The comforter was twisted on the bottom and the top so much so that when I woke up I could barely move. I looked up and above me there was a very small crack or opening in the comforter in which I could see out. I only had a very small window before I was down the hall and heading out the door into the craft.  Immediately I could see the lower leg, ankle and foot of the being pulling me along. The leg was a leg I had seen many times before; I knew exactly who that leg belonged to and that was a gray ET. What crossed my mind at that point was that once this being got me out the sliding door and on board that UFO things would not be in my favor. Anger welled up in me, I pulled all the energy I had, all the damage, past abductions, fear, resentment and I reached my arm up. I shoved my right hand through the crack I grabbed onto the leg and used all my will and power to send an unforgettable message to the ET. The message was that I was done participating on any level to abductions that I was angry and I was going to show this particular ET a lesson. I had felt that during the course of my life the message/s I constantly sent these beings were to leave me alone, I had been clear over and over again. This time I was ready to battle, it was war, game on. I held on to its leg and began to harness all my power, I began to use my hand and fingers to deeply fracture its structure. I could feel my fingers sinking into the tissues and into the bone. I was not going into the UFO just was not going to happen this time or ever again. I sent a telepathic message as I was breaking its leg that I was done and that this was a sign to them, to it that I would not longer be controlled and they could expect a serious fight from here on out and that I had beat the hypnosis.

Then wham bam I am in my bed sitting up,  I was released. In the past I could never have fought back, the mind control, hypnosis used is not an easy thing to break. The fear that over takes you as part of the result of the abduction is a state of shock to your mind and body. When they get you into a group setting under the eye of many of them it impossible to do anything against them or run even if you do awaken during the experiments happening to you. It is a worse process to be awaken for any duration of the testing/s, injection/s, surgery/s something that will haunt you forever.

I got up went into the bath room and vomited. I continue to be violently ill it lasted about 5 days. This was a deep clearing from years of swallowing back what had happened to me. It was all the suffering, fear, anger, rage, hopelessness, helplessness that had plagued me all my life over these experiences. After the clearing I felt different, I felt in control of my life, the fear of authority, the fear of domination, the fear of being put upon, forced against my will was gone. I had no idea how deeply this reflected in all aspects of my waking life at the time. However the deeply held lack of security and my deep insecurity that kept me from really living, really being all I could be and thriving began to unravel in layers on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Tremendous fear, panic continues to come up and release even now!

I have no had another visit from the bad ET”s since and again I am always contemplating about, reflecting on many concepts about this event. It has crossed my mind that maybe their job was to teach me about my will, leading me deeper into shamanism to learn to be fully awake, fully conscious at all times through their trespasses, one can never know sometimes what the truth maybe?

As I finish the process of editing this for posting I am sick to my stomach, the feeling of foreboding washes over me in waves as if there is some underlining nausea of suffering connected to the telling such things. That if I should start to dig in myself and write about truths I have known that there is somehow a punishment coming. I have to be free and for me that means wading into the sea of insanity and finding a voice to speak about it no matter what may come or be.

Around the end of August 2014 on the 3rd day of a trip I was taking which lasted for close to 3 months the good ET’s pulled me out of my body while I was driving into another dimension. What they telepathically explained to me healed me to the depths. I was so relieved to see them, so much love. Stay tune all that is coming in a future writing!

May you find the strength to fight for yourself, fight for your freedom, fight for the ability to control your own reality, fight for your own mind and may this lead to the ultimate freedom of all.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Any Witness will do…


One of the most powerful practices we can do is one called “Witnessing”.

I have studied with many amazing, brilliant spiritual masters from all walks of life on this planet and vast worlds that exist past the view of this reality in which we are living, breathing and participating in. All gurus, masters, even organized religions have in some version a witnessing practice.

I believe the good part of psychology is witnessing and possibly the only good part. I apologize if this offends anyone reading this, but it has been my personal experience which lasted over 10 years.

~Please note that on this blog I write about ideas, thoughts, experiences, theories that come from within me and my being. My writings are never meant to offend anyone or thing. Please do not take anything I write or may say personally. I am expressing my views of my realities that I experience myself in and sometimes I choose to sharing on this blog.

Let’s get to the “Meat” shall we?

The following are obviously my guidelines for finding a person to do your “witnessing” and being a “witness” yourself. There are times when the mood, the venting or recapitulation has to happen now, right this minute and you must turn someone within your personal physical range into the witness for you.  I have done this very thing before and I usually just ask the person if they can witness some information for me, do not fix me, just hear me out and let me run my process and then be on my way. I find people are usually willing to just be there for you regardless of what they know. Later you can find someone to run that latter part of the process for you or you can sit with yourself and do it for yourself, as an observer. The story and feelings should not be an issue once they are let out, you are more than likely to watch it as a different being’ness as the history and energy are no longer a story of suffering for you.

Being a “Witness” for someone else…

Best way to start is to stand on both of your feet evenly, center yourself, clear your mind and breathe deeply in and out. This should only take you a few minutes, remember the person needing the witnessing is in the moment of needing to expedite the inner information now.

Stand face to face with the person you are witnessing for, looking into their left eye the entire time and make sure to breathe. If you are breathing deeply the person venting will start breathing which lends to letting go of the emotional back flow faster. When we witness we never offer our opinions, suggestions, try to heal, we simply breathe while holding space this assists from a quiet, loving, non attached place while the other person is communicating their experience. We do not attach onto their story, it has nothing to do with us, the ego wants you to do something about their story do yourself a favor and just hold space. You do not want to get involved emotionally with their sh*t, sh*t can splash and I am sure you do not want someone elses sh*t on you!

When you feel that the person you are witnessing for is done venting take in several deep breaths remain quiet. Then when you feel the timing is right ask the person if they are done sharing. “Are you done sharing with me? Is there anything else you need me to witness for you at this time? When all the witnessing is done you can move into the closure section of that space and time having helped the person you witnessed for recapitulate that emotional story that was stealing their energy and power.

When we being the closure or ending there are two roads we can travel down.  However before we can do our closure part we have to ask the person in front of us if they want to be touched or not touched? Once we know how our experience’er needs closure then we can proceed with our part. Remember we do not give feedback or suggestions, this is not a time to talk and your job is to strictly hold space during the recapitulation or venting. The ending we give and apply power (energy) to this person so they may recover and move past this story for good.

When the person does not want to be touched continue to stand in front of them and encourage them to breathe deeply, you are still connecting to them by staring at the left eye which is the infinite part of their being. Place your hands up in front of your own body, palms of hands facing the person you are assisting. Breathe power, light in through the top of your head and out through your hands at the person filling their energy body. Your mind should stay focused, do not let it stray from the task at hand, you can think things like, “I am bringing forth the light of the universe into my body, out my hands and freely giving it without condition to (State their name) that they may accept this gift of change”. Finish breathing this light into the energy space of the person in front of you then bring your hands together and simply say Thank You.

That is one ending. Here is the next possibility:

When the person does want to be touched, you may gentle reach out for their hands. When this connection, current is made it creates an infinitely energy pattern and current. Like the one at the top of this blog.

The person witnessing right hand is open and palm up, their person venting brings their left hand down onto the open right hand. Repeat on the other side, until both hands are connected. You are still connecting to them by staring at the left eye which is the infinite part of their being.

Breathe power, light in through the top of your head and out through your hands into the persons hands you are holding. Your mind should stay focused do not let it stray from the task at hand. If you need to focus mentally you might try repeating to yourself something like this: “I am bringing forth the light of the universe, from the infinite into my body and coursing it this reality through my hands as I give it freely without condition to (state their name). May you accept this gift!” You can repeat it out loud if you wish; you may all together come up with a likely and equally brilliant proclamation of your own to suit your own work.

Finish breathing this light into the energy circuit you have help to create then gently let go. Finally breathe back into your personal energy space fully disconnected. Bring your hands together and simply say Thank You.

When you need a “Witness”…

Most of the time there is notice when you need to vent, recapitulate and it can be as simple as “you must turn” someone within your personal physical range into the witness for you.  I have done this very thing before and I usually just ask the person if they can witness some information for me, do not fix me, just hear me out and let me run my process and then be on my way. I find people are usually willing to just be there for you regardless of what they know. Later you can find someone to run that latter part of the process for you or you can sit with yourself and do it for yourself, as an observer. The story and feelings should not be an issue once they are let out; you are more than likely to watch it as a different being’ness as the history and energy are no longer a story of suffering for you.

You can share this information with a friend, someone you trust, possibly several people and you can work together going back forth when the need strikes, the energy surfaces is the most important moment to get it out. It is when it has the strongest force of your story of suffering. All of our stories are about our suffering in some way, the resentment, helplessness, hopelessness, anger are just the power behind them keeping justifications of our stories alive. If this reality is a hologram? Then at some point we have to come to the understanding that our stories are lies we believe about a fictional character I call myself, me and usually by a name. When you let the energy out in a witnessing process it takes the life, batteries out of a story about us and can free us, eventually to our own infinite state.

This information I give to you freely, may you give it to others freely without condition.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Factory Farming…


fort bragg mr t

As you can tell by the photo Mr. T is a free range turkey. If you look carefully in the background you can see one of his girlfriends she is laying down in the brush. Turkeys are more like a harem. Mr. T had 6, he was very busy! He is dancing for me in this photo he had a crush on me who was his human care takers. This is how he courts his ladies. Sometimes the male turkey can dance for up to 20 minutes.

I have a special place in my heart for turkeys and their added benefit to any personal backyard, urban farm, community (CSA oriented) peri-urban farm or large scale farm.   

This is a link to a documentary that shows what can go wrong in factory animal farming: 

It may shock you to hear the farm animals do not have any rights and have no legal protection under the domestic animal laws. This means that they can be treated in harshest and most abusive ways possible. In the past I have helped to educate people about the outright inhumane treatment of farm animals the shock to them so severe that in less than one day have become 100 percent vegetarians and vegans. Though it is not the only step we can take in changing out diets radically by stopping our meat consumption to stop the monstrous behavior by factory farmers. We also need to support those farmers who are raising animals with a sense of sustainability and natural partnership to make real change.  Put your money where your dinner plate is! 

Factory Farm: a large industrialized farm; especially:  a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost.  

I always ask the question, same question to people I know and meet who live in a sustainable manner what their definition of sustainable is? In my own attempt to find what I believe the word really means. What I can tell you today is that for me sustainable means: to relearn something that is within me already, becoming a natural self, living in a natural way, being a authentic natural being living with nature. As nature lives so do I and there should be no separation where in myself and nature, that is sustainability. Nature knows who to do everything; it is a perfect system of thrival, thriving, prosperity, abundance with all needs being met by everyone for everyone. We once knew how to work with nature, we once worshiped her and she has had many names including: Demeter goddess of all life or nature. In her mythology she once withheld life, growth from the people of earth to see her daughter again. The ruler of the dark underworld Hades kid napped Demeter’s daughter for his wife. Demeter or nature stopped in a reaction of upset. Hades had to make a deal so that nature would again start living again for the people of earth. A deal was made and so in what is called winter her daughter stayed with Hades and when she was released to Demeter then summer began. It continues on to this day.  

Most of us do not know what has happened to the food we eat and I truly believe that if you knew, you would make a serious effort to change it. Factory, industrial, commercial whatever you choose to call it is not only bad for the people who eat these animals produced from these farms, it is bad for the farmers who have been forced into this way of life as a way to stay in business to hold onto their families farm lands and mostly importantly it is the most horrific possibility for the animals that end up on them. There is just no way you can handle, maintain or take care of a massive amount of animals in a very small area in any natural/sustainable way. 17,000 chickens in a building with no proper air quality, no sunlight and the people that work in them wear respirators because the conditions are so bad. You could not just all of a sudden let 17,000 birds or chickens outside to be sustainable. There is not enough food for them to eat, what about the people who live around you, releasing diseases into the environment and the bottom line these chickens have spent all their lives in this fake environment created by humans. These chickens would not be able to survive in a natural setting as all of their basic instincts have been forced and abused out of them. Not to mention the astronomical amount of antibiotics that these factory animals are feed and injected with to keep them alive in conditions that cause unavoidable diseases. I am not just talking about birds it is affecting all farm animals across the board. How does flu from a bird or a swine flu from a pig come into existence? That transfers from animal making a human so sick they die, well here it is folks it may be linked to how the animals are treated on factory farms.  

If the factory farm collapses like in the documentary Turlock that I have provided a link to there is no options for the animals but to let them die. There are several reasons this can happen: when the farmer is tired, when he emotionally cannot handle the type of high maintenance farm a factory farm is, when he may no longer be able afford to feed the animals, when the farmer gets sick and can no longer manage his farm. So many reasons come to mind about why a monoculture kind of farming will fail at some point.  

Let’s look at homesteading, organic, biodynamic, community and urban farming. You only have as many animals as you have land and natural food for them. The animals naturally become free range which allows them to move around in open spaces; getting a large amount of sunlight which naturally is a disinfectant, antibacterial as well as vitamin D. this free range allows them to find with their own natural abilities the best food possible. The animals have a inherent skill and know to graze away from the poisonous weeds that also grow in pastures. Unlike animals that do not graze and are strictly feed dry alfalfa where these weeds are harvested along with it and the animal cannot separate the weeds from its food supply. Causing long term liver damage to animals that are strictly feed it year around. I also work on animals and I get many calls about health issues in horses and their back ends dragging. Always comes back to the food, the liver meridian and the toxic levels of horses that live in desert climates, with no pasture and only feed low grade that usually have highs amounts of the weeds per volume it is usually chemically treated as well. Currently there are farmers who are growing certified weed free alfalfa.   

Grazing has numerous benefits; it is the full circle of life and continuation of life in a natural way for those animals living on that land. Animals eat the pasture grasses, they fertilize it as they eat, with the hooves mash the fertilizer tilling it into the soil, the microbes get a hold of it breaking it down further in nutrient ready for the grasses and over time the soil becomes darker and richer providing a natural state in which nutrient dense grasses grow for the animals to eat. Perfectly natural process, there is no work needed and the cycle can go on endlessly without effort. Maybe the only necessary work is to irrigate the pasture from time to time if rain is not available and to bring the animals in at night (most of them come in on their own at dark as long as their pins are open) and in the am reopening the pins so they can head out for work on their own.  

One of the best natural method/s of pest controls is to be found with the birds. They are most efficient masters of eating bugs. Bugs are bird’s number one favorite food. Farming varieties of birds included are: chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese when allowed to free range will clean up over time most out of control bugs. Remember that these birds also love good home grown produce. You may want to put in place barriers around garden areas that have current produce in them. When the season is over, let the birds into those areas to eat up what is left, scratch up the soil and eat bugs! I build home family food production systems called urban farms the farm implies an animal of some sort. Usually for pest controls, natural fertilizer and food. Everyone is different in the choice of what animals they choose for the back yards or urban farm. Animals that are best fit are: chickens for laying eggs, chickens for meat called fryers and rabbits. Most local butchers teach classes on how to slaughter and if you are in with a good local farmer he can show you to. If you do not have the stomach for it then laying hens are up your alley. It is always good to educate yourself on the proper care of any animals you choose to have for whatever reason. There are many methods of care or lack of out there and my advice would be to follow the thoughts, ideas and philosophies that treat animals with love and respect following the principles of nature as close as you can.  

I want to leave a small thought about nutrition which is one of many you are dealing with when considering your choices in farming products and where they come from. Most factory or commercial farms for cows as meat do not let the animals move around and are kept in filthy small pens. The cows on these farms are feed very little alfalfa, no natural grasses and large amounts of GMO corn, GMO soy beans and litter. Litter is what comes out of factory (chicken fryers, laying hens, turkeys) buildings, it is ground up and given to cows to eat. The litter contains: droppings, feathers, dead animals, decaying animal parts, dander, chicken feed and who really knows what else. Cows are only grass eaters, they only eat grass, the cow was not designed to eat anything other than green beautiful pasture, that is why is has 4 guts. I have read that in the main stream or factory cattle farms cows are literally in the processes of death and are “dying” when they are slaughtered. The diet they give the cows is the cause. Similarity in humans as our diets are not what we are eating either. We are suppose to eat little meat, lots of veggies, grains, fruits but very rarely do so and instead eat the main stream diet of fast food which is something humans are not meant to eat. We get fat, sick, tired and usually die young from one of the numerous diseases that come from eating the main stream diet. Last fact, silica is a mineral that is considered the fountain of youth. It is important for many reasons to the body processes and systems for anti aging and longevity. We get much of our silica in high amounts from eating animals that eat lots of green, soil rich grasses. Apparently silica is found in high amounts in grasses of microbial rich soil. Even chickens in a free range lifestyle eat massive amounts of grasses daily. Eating factory farmed meat contains zero silica the bottom is that you are missing out on a natural mineral eaten by animals in a nature raised way. How many other nutrients are you losing out on by buy factory farmed meat? I know what you are getting instead: pesticides, gmo/s, antibiotics, hormones, steroids and whatever else I do not know about.  

Know your farmer: get out, tour farms that are organic and use natural process like free range, ask the farmers what they feed the animals; small farms are popping up everywhere, purchase meat/s from farmers who care, are sustainable and are moral.

Buy organic meat/s: buy organic meat that is labeled from the place, farm that it was raised on. If the store, butch does not know or is vague do not buy the meat. Honest is of real value in the search for real meat for your table.

Build your own urban farm: you can build a year around food production in your own yard, patio or kitchen.  When consulting for urban farm builds I focus on at least 20 percent of the food they are eating and feeding their animals come from their back yards. When all is said and done off a ¼ acre in the summer months you can usually get 95 percent. Then you know what your animals are eating, what you are eating and you have control over it.  

If you are a meat eater please take responsibility for what you choose to consume. Farm animals deserve better treatment from us we are the stewards of all living things on earth. There are many documentaries out there on the dangers of factory farming so please educate yourself so that you fully understand the lies, deception and propaganda out there. If we are willing to pay more for better quality food then I believe the factory farmers would change they are being held as prisoners in the economy just like the rest of us are. No one wants to be cruel to animals, every farmer would much rather see their animals grazing on their lands in the sun shine. It is up to the consumer, we make the choices for all life on earth including our own.

I give the gift of sustainable farming during the holiday season and my favorite gift is the hive of bees. With so much going on that is killing our bee populations I feel that it is a much needed gift to give.  We cannot have sustainability without our bee friends. To gift sustainability please go to: and find your level of giving.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Business She is a Changing…

coe letter head pic

Over 10 years ago I began to build a new paradigm in the business models from my philosophies, practices based in shamanism and my principles from my private practice in energy and structural medicine. I wanted to bring new qualities and ancient wisdom to the corporate and business worlds. When the ideas started to emerge from the spirit world I
had no idea what do to with them and started a long process of putting one foot in front of the other breaking trail into the unknown.

I have fully incorporated these notions into human health, animal health, environmental health, agriculture health in my years on this planet. Moving out into “business health” began in 2003 but was not until 2006 that it met with the public until that time I was
referral only consulting from investors in alternative wellness centers in the USA and abroad. Since 2006 I have worked on over 25 projects being the development consultant.
I have specifically worked with CEO’s, Business, Corporations and grass roots
projects that fall into the alternative markets. These markets cover alternative medicine and health, Spiritual communities, organic agriculture and green industry products to name a few. Though there is constant upgrading of information and the ability to act on it I feel pretty adept these days in the business realm and to be honest, who better to teach new ways of doing business than someone who has had to reach out on her own and create systems of marketing, advertising, networking in areas of the alternative from nothing, I can tell you there are no books on the subjects for us that work in markets that
are discouraged, attacked and in some case illegal gutted. I have been under such attacks for years I came out fighting. I have citizen lobbied to retain rights as in the one to choose the kind of work I want to do, the right to choose whatever kind of medicine I want, the right to be free, the right to be happy and bring ideas in that better the world in which I live. I have learned law on my own and the several kinds that can apply to any given situation. I
have been in private practice “wholestic” for money working on humans and animals for over 25 years now and I had to figure out how to be all the hats in my business.

In the beginning I discussed these ideas with other amazingly talented women. My desire was to network building a team of individuals to create a new system/s of business that assisted a company into earth stewardship. When I say company I mean from the largest
corporation, to the mom and pop and to the individual person who is self employed. Creating long term support, couching, hands on teaching while bringing new levels of awareness and the effects of the business we do. I wanted to go into a business do an evaluation find the areas where imbalance that were creating the most amount of drag and start from there. I did quit a bit of research on some of the new age business consulting groups that built team work and other such ideas within companies. However they seemed to have a copy/paste format for every company. I wanted to douse the company, open a
candid dialog with the people at the company, and dive into the heart of the company to construct the right and perfect system for each company. Maybe a healing of the land under the building where the company occupies might be needed, maybe the energy grid of the building needs an over haul, maybe the company could move better location, maybe the whole system of  communication or health quality within the systems of the building is needed. It is a vast subject with many parts and could fill a 1000 page book. My personal experience in consulting for such companies making the turn to wholestic ways of doing business is that I have no idea until I step foot on site. Then I am shown the picture, I can then start putting the pieces together and find what is missing, then together we build a
structure to support the missing parts and I show hands on how to implement the
new pieces into the puzzle while offering support all the way through until the
structure is solid and the flow of energy is clear.

If you can see something in your mind you can create it. That is how I have felt about this new work in business. I was met with “that will never work” by every woman I contacted
about putting a team together. I came to realize that they were unwilling to do the work, to put their person/s out there in case it caused them some kind of long term damage to their careers. Even though they full heartedly knew and saw the need for change, spiritual change in the business world. I saw fear and the need for them to get a pay check; they were not willing to leave “security” to do the right thing as in following their inner truth in regards to business. We seem to be caught on so many hooks by the business world no wonder there has not been any change to the draconian practices. More issues grow daily about the
corporations power over the whole world and resources. Our resources that are being depleted! I had to step out alone and follow my inner voice and build on
my own what the new businesses could look like in the world I which I lived!

Business she is a changing for sure and the only way one can know for sure is signs. What I do for business or corporations as I design a system from the ground up literally for each company based on assessment of where they currently are. I use the spirit world to help
me put the pieces together that I may be missing in the process of fully
understanding the hidden issues of what is going in the companies and sometimes
the hidden stuff is beyond belief!

In the future I hope to offer a full system and support for wholeistic change of companies. You can visit the website and look under business and see what the offerings are now. Remember that the website contains general ideas and sometimes not all the work
that goes on behind closed doors for a company can be spoken about.

About 6 years ago I had put a brief advertisement up on an alternative site for healing professionals. One of the items I listed for healing was my work in shamanism for business. Not one month after putting this page up I was getting email and calls about this work. It
started out with a job for a CEO of a large agriculture company. In the process of firing people who were stealing from this company, (heads of the company) there was an evil energy that lingered and hovered. It was thick in the areas where these men had offices at the head quarters. Not one person who worked at this company would take the empty offices nor walk near them. The energy was dark to my surprise people who claimed not spiritual affiliation sensed this energy. I worked in the back ground with the CEO behind closed doors for several weeks until I could collect the information I needed. I traveled to the city where the company is and I did a serious energy cleanse of the large building and put in a new energy grid to support the company in the new direction. I consulted for the CEO for several months after assisting the changes and keeping everything on tract. I even went down to look at buildings with realtors for this company to find a better building that supported the companies new direction and they moved in with in a year after the initial
contact with me. The business is outstanding and the employees love their
company and jobs now! This was not the end the company went on to make many new
changes that took into account all living beings involved with the productions and products.

Another corporation job I did was dealing with the employees. The CEO wanted a different perspective in how to get along with the people in the company and motivate them, create happiness and a desire to work as a whole. That company had serious predatorily energy.
There were a few at the top that treated the lower ranks in an abusive way, especially women. When we polled employees by the CEO sending out and email with questions for them to respond to we found that 90 percent of the employees were afraid to come to work, afraid to be there, felt that they were on thin ice all the time. We asked in the same email what would make their job better. What could be done in their eyes to correct their experience at their job? I have to tell you that at every job I have done corporations, businesses, self employed, grass roots, individual working for these companies the answers to questions asked are always similarly the same. People want their jobs to have a
feeling of “family” environment, to be included, to be heard and supported not
just be looked at as a number with a dollar sign at the front.

The CEO began to get an understanding of what was happening at his company. Like many he had been trained in certain ways of doing business, old models that do not work anymore in this day and age. I began to work my magic in creating a step by step process of change and he put it into motion. This CEO felt terrible about the treatment of his people
who did the work, the foundation of the company. He had been to busy in the past to make regular contact with the steadfast back bone workers and it was a mistake that was destroying the company from the inside out. Today that company is a much different place and the people who work there have smiles, love their jobs and most importantly trust their CEO the captain of their ship!

If the key in business is creating a family atmosphere then why don’t more companies do it? Why do they continue to prey on employees, competition, the environment, communities? The answer is complicated and more than one can believe or fully know unless you get in and start digging. It is layers and layers of bottom lines, guidelines, authority, reward and punishment, rules, regulations that need to get looked through like boxes of old stuff. Several steps we usually apply when you clean out a garage after 30 or 40 years: pull it all out, dig through it, sorting, recycling, through out, cleaning, painting, selling off what is no longer needed, new structures to hold the things kept so they are easily accessed and so forth. It can be such an overwhelming process in business to do this work. However it
must be done in order to build something new. I find that in many cases it is almost better to start over however you loose the branding and name of a company with a long history. New logos created in a magically way with intention can be done and have stronger power than the old ones. Most old school brands you see on the market are sigils created from intention. However they have been created to control the masses for money and power. Just think if you created the logos with intentions of healing the earth, healing others,
community, health and still make money? Anything can be done.

Sometimes it is the way people have been taught to run businesses, their own fear and insecurity, the bottom line is always a big one. However if you are in alignment with the earth, people, community you will have a much bigger profit and happier life.

Recently there has a been a big surge of people in business from all walks of business asking me questions with a desire to know what I could do for their business, company and life. I see the markets changing and sad to say that it has everything to do with people not being able to keep up, exhaustion with current way things are done which is creating sickness and disease not only in the people, environments but in the companies themselves. Do not kid yourself, like does attract like and you are seeing this more and more.

The average age of death for CEO’s is 60. Something really has to change if the energy of the person running the company is that bad of shape, which makes the energy of the system top to bottom sick, diseases, tired, unhappy and pushed past a point of living. I see
change happening. I see more people leaving these systems of business. People do not want to give their life essence for money that they will never spend or mostly not enough money made with horrendous amount of hours to these companies that does work either. If the CEO dies at age 60 when people can easily live to 90 these days what does that tell you about the company you are working for? That maybe the focus is sickness, disease and death. Heart disease seems to be the number one killer of CEO’s dyeing. That tells me that no only is the company sick since the energy would flow down from the CEO into the company but that the heart of the company is sick, damaged and that there is no heart in
the business that the heart was destroyed.

Americans are past the 11th hour on so many levels and there is nothing left to push us with, no bushes left to beat and stress is the number one factor killing us young for companies
that have no heart, that kill there top executives for the sake of a dollar!

Within the last 2 weeks I have taken on 6 new clients for business ventures and helping them make the transition with the support and couching that I bring to the table. I really believe we can change how we do business, how everything is affected by the business we
do. I can see business changing before my eyes, people awakening to what they want to spend their times doing. I had a thought the other day about this world that conveys how we do business. “If people really knew how bad our environments are and were told that we have damaged the biosphere to the point of extinction of all live on earth would they continue to work to pay their bills? What would be the point? For me I would spend the rest of the time I had living in nature, even in a tent. What would it matter if it was over, game
over. The fact of the matter is that it is fact about our biosphere, so are you going to continue to work for companies that give you nothing and have taken your life expectancy? You have to figure that out yourself.

For me I use my time and life essence on business that matters, people that are doing good work, for all of us that want a better world. I no longer fund companies with my money that are operating the same old system of death and destruction.  Otherwise I spend whatever time I have left in nature and what seems to others as poverty. You need very little to be
happy. I have found the less I have the more time I have to live and help others live.

The businesses I choose to consult for cross agriculture, land developers, financial consultants and institutions. It is individual, whole companies, buildings, land, water, products, air and our communities. We are looking for answers to have better quality lives in the process of doing business. I am seeing a boom in my work with business and that
for me is a sign that the work I have done and I am doing is changing the world
around me. That people are starting to ask questions about how to change, how
they can give their energy and creative ideas a place in the betterment of the world, to do good without loosing anything.

If were are to change anything in this world it has to start with the controller/s of this world, the corporations, businesses and how they do business and how they treat the world around us down to the land their office building is on and the resources use to sustain an
unsustainable way of business and life.

We are all players in it; all of us work for our business or for someone else’s business. Our individual choices of how we work, the work we do and how we are treated for the work we do all boils down to “us”, you and I. I can teach a CEO how to grasp the new economics
systems, but it comes down to the people who are involved in the company which
includes: employees, grounds keeper, cleaning crews, consumers, builders, producers, transportation systems, all levels to push for that change. It is how you make your money and spend the money you make that speaks the words that these corporations refuse to hear.

Business she is a changing the new economics system theories are finally taking hold and we may actually see in my generation “the me generation” the beginning of healing of what we have allowed to go on since the industrial revolution began in recent times and what it has done to us, the earth, our water, our air, our lives, our families, our bodies
and the fabric of the reality we are to tired and exhausted to continue in.

Dream a new world one that includes life, having a heart and sustainability for all living beings here on earth. The time is now tomorrow is too late!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Tree Beings as Allies…


Trees and I go way back, thousands of years (lifetimes). There  was a time when the Vedress People lived and I remember it. Anastasia talks
about this time period. You find many mentions of it in her books. I have an  indescribable alignment with word Vedress. The people of that time were in alignment with the all, the one in creation, co-creation together. They left us  libraries of information in megaliths. Information contained in those rocks  structure today. The Trees in certain areas of the world remember these people.

Trees hand down information to the plants through the root
systems, eco systems that develop around them and from the matter like leaves
that fall from them eventually eaten by the microbes into soil matter, breaking
down the information (matter) into a structure that can be taken in assimilated
by smaller beings. Taking in food, air, water is the same as taking in
information in our environment, part of us humans, animals, plants, trees and
beings that live in soil have programs within to decipher the information
without us even knowing it, our systems can adjust to what is. In some cases if
it cannot adjust, severe environmental issues like radiation it will kill us
when we cannot find the information to adapt to in our environment through the information we take in. That is why what man is doing to the planet is causing, will cause and extinction and most do not even know that is going on now.

I have always loved trees. I have had the great privilege of meeting many trees in their nature eco systems and also in the human made eco systems. Trees are the most magnificent beings on earth. Tree consciousness is ancient, patient and peaceful like a Zen master would be like if he/she was a tree. I have visited the redwoods in California and the information there was so old from a time that there was peace there. I could hear the inhales and exhales of those trees and the plants that grew around them worshipped them. The air was still ancient, moist; pollen rich like the whole earth was at one time. I read a book about the earth thousands of years ago and there was speculation that we humans had capacities in our lungs to breath in all the pollen in the air and live off it. it contained everything in it we needed. The air was rich with such food for us then. I suspect that this is where the modern ideas of breatharianism comes from when we could simply live off breathing even for water and food in our atmosphere. I have memories about that time on earth as well. I can remember running through green tall grasses and pollen is floating everywhere, the air is warm, moist and I feel at peace with all life around me. I never knew hate, anger, rage, and fear in that life experience. It did not exist we humans were one with the all, the one.

My first experience with a tree Spirit was on a fall day. 2005? I had a single size futon that I had made into a couch. I positioned it in the living room so I could lay on it and look out my window. I loved to look out of my second story window and contemplate the sky, clouds, weather and large trees outside of my apartment.

One early morning with coffee in hand I laid down on the futon I felt dreamy, drifting consciousness kind of “out of it”. The sun was shining through the window onto the lower end of the futon across the bottom half of my body which invited me to sink into the vastness of what I call the dreaming
state. I drifted on the waves of awareness for several hours in a hypnotic
state. As I was coming back into my body laying on the futon, I saw “it” it was
in the tree moving towards me.

In the large fully leafed tree outside the window I saw a cloud of energy form, this cloud of energy reminded me of a dragon. The long neck and head, it was twisting its neck around turning to look at me as it formed. I remember thinking; “oh my God, that is the spirit of the tree!” The spirit stretched out its neck aligning its head to make eye contact with me, I watched its mouth open and I knew it was going to talk to me! That is when I fully sat up, I almost screamed, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up. By the time I shook off the state I was in, the spirit had left.

I became a tad bit more respectful out in nature especially around trees. My inner landscapes changed after the first visitation of the tree spirit.

When you know that there is a conscious spirit being or soul in all livings things, deep reverence of all life takes hold.

I met lots of indigo kids in my line of work of all ages. There was a particular one who stands out to me, he is now an adult. He told me some really fantastic things about energies that he had observed in his life. He had been brought up in the city. He was tuned into energies that are in, surround cities in his younger years. The lower vibrational beings that come in inter-dimensionally use electric energy; they pull energy from the human made grid which brings them into this time and space. This electricity helps them to full form and operate here with us. They take over cities and the people who live
in them creating a mental illness state. Eventually they hitch rides around on
people called entities and can cause death. Sometimes these beings become
powerful and we may call them demons and they make there way into the bodies of humans. The concrete and black top blocks the earth energy and nature beings from being able to balance out the frequency. There is no real protection from these beings in cities. They multiply rapidly using the electric grid for the power source the need, like portholes. I have seen video of these beings working in our world via electric power lines; you can see them in full form at night around lights and places that emit great amounts of power.

There is information that I have read about that gives scientific basis for what the First Nation people knew long ago. That the frequency of the earth, which they call the heart beat of the earth and there understanding of aligning with it and it is practiced to this day. We can align ourselves with the heart beat of earth is simply by standing quietly, connecting, breathing gratitude into all living things and gently tap your chest where you heart is in a heart beat motion.

The indigo told me that he had to move out of the city and the first chance that opened, he moved to the forest and lives there today. The energy of nature is strong, the nature beings or forces hold the energy for all life, and they hold the thread of our world together and protect it. I feel that people who have negative experience in nature are themselves negative and are being scared out of sacred areas.

These nature spirits have no need to move in and out of dimensions. Their life is here on earth with us, attempting to teach us and holding the world together we experience as real. The more we destroy nature, the more we kill the good energies, destroying the world, their worlds and the lower vibs take over. Like attracts like: pollute a river and the nature spirits leave it and darkness falls in the form of entities who come in and keep that river hostage.  Dams I now
believe cause imbalances of energy life forms. Nature spirits can fix anything,
but we have to stop the damage we are doing in order for that to happen. We
loose power that is/was given to us to make the journey all the way, destroying
the ability of the nature world to keep the balance for us by allowing others whose energies are lower to rape our home of everything living and use all living and man made energy to do so.

I attended Biodynamic courses for farming and while I was there I took a course called Phenomenology. I have taken many classes, courses,
practices on pruning and taking care of trees. I prune trees with a focus on
communication, structure and health which includes nutrient issues of the tree. I study them before I prune them. During a Phenomenology class on trees I had a mind blowing observation about trees, the forces they live with and how these natural force/s play into everything about them. I would often return home after these classes sobbing. The shift in my consciousness and the awareness that came into me were often distressing to my beliefs or a relief of truth. Either way it was powerful time for me and trees.

Shortly after this class I had a dream about two trees that were the pine/spruce category. The trees moved around just like people with no visible features. The Trees took me into a barn and on the wall were jars of green liquid. The trees first discussed with me the medicine that can be gained by extracting the juice out of the leaves or needles. I would call this Tree juice in my waking state. I do not remember how to make it, did not come back to the waking dream with those instructions. Hopefully one day something will trigger the memory loose on how to make it.

The one Tree being was aggravated; frustrated with this world we were sharing. I could feel the anger directed at me. I got the feeling that the tree beings knew committing and coming into this world that the whole
human evolution thing was going to be a challenge for all beings at some point
and that point was now. One of the Trees was venting anger at me, I was trying
to full stay conscious in the dream while he was talking but I had a hard time
because the things he was telling me were trigging a shock to my current

The Tree being said to me that all living things made a contract in the past to come to this reality for the highest and greatest purpose for the evolution for humans/souls. He said the rocks beings came from their rock world; the water being came from the water world or also known to some of us as the blue planet, trees came from the tree world and so forth until the canvass was created.

My understanding of the experience was that we are all the same, nothing is better than something else. Everything has power, awareness, consciousness and that life force is specialized from what ever world they come from. We are all aliens to this world, making it work and it is suppose to be together.

The Tree being wanted me to know that they love us and came here to assist us into the levels of consciousness, divinity that they are connected to.

Trees really are our friends, brothers and sisters, helpers and teachers; Scientifically it is proven we cannot live with out trees and plants. They provide us with oxygen on a planet being murdered by co2 and in some case food and medicine. Medicines that are yet to be discovered by us in the modern age, but are known to ancient societies and some still living today.
The trees breathe in the co2 and exhale oxygen. They are the lungs of our
planet! Natural purifying air filters.

Some of the blogs I write seem to be really far out there for some of you and that is okay, keep opening, listening and do not give up on yourself. Some questions that may be worth asking yourself: What happened to me?
What happened to the aware kid I once was? When I knew magic, nature and walked in the dream world?  When did I give up? When was the last time I was in the natural world just to observe it?

Today is a good day to find yourself a sacred tree my friend, sit under it for a least several hours, go there everyday for a week, allow yourself to surrender, rest, trust and let the tree being remind and regenerated you who you really are. You may even see its true self? Oh the  shock and awwwww!

All beings came here for friendship and as teachers for humans to play a game out called Earth. I suspect that in the past civilizations, farther back than we are aware of, a long time ago we were all one living together. What if salvation was returning back to the stewardship of nature and all living things? If God is the “All” then wouldn’t He/She be all living things? Then could we not see the hand of our creator in the trees, plants, stars, soil, seeds, animal/s including snakes? Why would we destroy what God created? Why would we? And knowing this why would we continue to be a part of the destruction of this beautiful place God made for us to in order to co-create with all living beings?

Maybe it is “we” that have to return to the garden of Eden within to enable our own salvation with God? Maybe we are the garden of Eden when we are in full consciousness? Maybe we can begin to know ourselves and God by taking the time to visit a tree and be open enough to listen?

Grow Food. Be Free & Live for a Living!