Physical Being versus Non Physically Being….(pt 1)


Today I woke up still feeling terribly off. Like most of us on planet earth stress has reached a critical mass for me. I began to get heavy dizzy spells it seemed for no reason and with them came a circle, zig zag lined with rainbow prisms in the view of my life eye.

My entire life I have lived in the realm of what I call the DODIE DODIE which means the realties and worlds that exist along side of the one that we think it real and make all the difference in how we react and respond to this world that is basically fake, made up and in this world we can die or some other fear based reality can destroy us. The bottom line is that what we really are and where we came from can never be destroyed nor die, only the body, however there are many conscious beings who have used their bodies to cross time, space through cracks in the same body for 2000 physical years. There are books if you look for them where their stories are told. I have spent years with master and gurus, shamans, medicine people who also have told me stories about such people. I believe that during the course of the life that I have met a few of them who came to help me. I am noting this because we may even be able to change our minds in such a way that we are no longer bound to earth or to this reality we are living? Including our body? Something to think about for sure it would change everything about our painful, sad experiences on this level and it would change health care as it would no longer be needed.

Over the last 25 years of my life crazy experience/s beyond my control (like the deaths of 15 family members from 98 to 03) which I am calling fire/s here. I have had one fire after another; I have had to put these fires out single handedly. Sometimes there have been 5 major forest fires at once in my life and I am the only one battling them in an effort to put them out. I laugh and often tell people I have lived the life of a 90 year old person in a short 46 years! All of the events / fires have been life experiences that have lead me to where I am now. The final crossroad or let’s call it a split. Instead of looking ahead as two path ways of choice maybe what it really is, possibly is, me with one foot on each side. That the further the gap in the roads the harder my life becomes, the more my body suffers, the further the stretch between my feet, which is like snapping me in half at the hips at some point. Maybe the work is to unify, not choose the red pill or the blue, but to bring both side fully together? maybe? I think for me that is exactly what is happening and I am failing because of my belief that I should just choose another road which keeps me separated on all levels, stretched out, and pulled apart instead of unified. For me this keeps the battle alive, keeps me fighting: on the internal and external, the female and male, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, the human and the God, the esoteric and the logical, the all or the nothing.

I have learned that you have to believe for it to be real. The things were are hooked are yet con jobs and  all look so real to keep your attention trapped and looping around into the same exact events over and over, the names may have been changed, costumes may be different but if you look deeply it is the same thing holding our attention keeping us stuck and the battle continues over and over until all the life, our batteries are run down and the physical body is destroyed in the greater scheme to cause the separation to forge a concept that this system we are living in is real and everything else is not, again another separation.

The physical symptoms that I have been having as of late stem from many issues: lack of rest, lack down time, lack of play time, my current juicing detox which is affecting my liver and gallbladder big time, people screaming at me, threatening me, sending me hate mail, pressures to make income to eat, my spiritual work has increased over the last 2 months and there is much more I could list but I want to focus on what I am noticing.

Over these last 2 weeks I have become aware at how fragile I am in the face of anger, rage, hate that comes from people. I see the passive / aggressive typical American broadcast more clearly. The passive being imbedded into the female, left side of the body and right brain and the aggressive right side, male and left brain. We have never really been taught balance, unity. We become passive, internalized and then we get filled with a need for rest, contemplation, healing, peace and the pressure from the outside world so much male being expressed onto us when this energy gets too much for us  we explode pushing back against that which will not let us be. No wonder heart issues are at the top of list in hospitals? Blood pressure is up and down destroying the oxygen levels in our brain which is causing early dementia, and then we return to the passive female energy as we are checking out on epic levels caused by disease. If we can only get sick enough maybe the world will let us be? Maybe I will have an excuse to be passive? Not have to deal with my life? (Because) I have no idea how to unify myself, to use the aggressive energy, male energy to instigate real change by implementing what is created, birthed out by the female instead of rage, war, drama, conflict and anger?  Or how to use the female energy for contemplation, connection to the infinite highways of information, pulling it in to us and creating an embryo of creation within, gestating and birthing it into reality? Into my reality. I get that there are chemtrails that are causing a huge amount of sickness, mental illness, physically illness but maybe at the bottom or at the heart of what is going on in our world could it be easier to check out? Being stuck in the passive aggressive limbo? Maybe it is easier to be sick then have a change of heart? Change of ideas? Obviously you need your heart to be in the right place, fully working properly to fuel the brain with the oxygen it needs to think, create and for the spark of potential and the possibility of real  change. So Change of heart may be needed on the spiritual level, astral level, ether level, dreaming level in order to stop the decay of the health of the heart and the shutting down of our brain. Pray that you have a change of heart in a good way. Pray for others to have a change of heart in a good way. Pray that this change of heart leads you to an infinite, creating, unified being in a good way. That is what I pray for daily.

Going back to the dizzy spells I have been having and the numerous possibilities that could be creating it. I recently found out that my blood pressure is way beyond what it should be and I have always had the lowest blood pressure no matter what was going on around me. I was told that the new viruses and flues are now creating long term heart disease issues including heart murmurs by a doctor I went to. Terrified me since I have one of these these viruses that has lasted 2 months. Since I am conflicted about western medicine, my whole life I have been alternative, I come from an alternative family and my work for 30 years is in the alternative markets or really traditional medicine is more correct statement. I healed my brain tumor alternatively. What I know is that for me anything in the system kills. It steals our power slowly till there is nothing left of us. Then we die and are forced into the “heaven” scenario which by the way is a lie, it is a computer generated hologram suited to express what you need to hear to get you to reincarnate back into this system until your soul energy, frequency is gone. The light that people see is no different than the light that the ET’s use to trap people and bring them aboard their ships for medical testing. A tractor beam of sorts. I know this sound crazy but it is the truth. The whole life and death experience is generated to steal your life force from the body and the soul/spirit. For me in order to sort out what is wrong with my body I have to allow all the details to emerge. Then I will know what the next step/s are and I can carrying them out with love.

This process that I have been undergoing for the last 2 years is one where I think I can finally write the truth about such ideas. I have not been able to put what I know into words and I understand also that my symptoms are directly related to allowing myself to write what I know to be true and my experiences. My heart is in conflict of staying under the radar, not expressing some of the deepest things I know, have witnessed, experienced through my life, not that I am afraid, but sometimes these things are so deeply hidden to keep me normal, that uncovering them, writing about them can seem like a sin of sorts. I am hoping that the days of hiding such information from those around me is over and as I am sorting out these health issues that the separation of who I am really and what I know will unify the person I have pretended to be to get along, not show too much power, keep the power backed up as not to overwhelm others, conceal, hide and live with one foot on each path bobbling back and forth with steps that are so slow going forward.

Please see pt 2 for the rest of the story.

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Any Witness will do…


One of the most powerful practices we can do is one called “Witnessing”.

I have studied with many amazing, brilliant spiritual masters from all walks of life on this planet and vast worlds that exist past the view of this reality in which we are living, breathing and participating in. All gurus, masters, even organized religions have in some version a witnessing practice.

I believe the good part of psychology is witnessing and possibly the only good part. I apologize if this offends anyone reading this, but it has been my personal experience which lasted over 10 years.

~Please note that on this blog I write about ideas, thoughts, experiences, theories that come from within me and my being. My writings are never meant to offend anyone or thing. Please do not take anything I write or may say personally. I am expressing my views of my realities that I experience myself in and sometimes I choose to sharing on this blog.

Let’s get to the “Meat” shall we?

The following are obviously my guidelines for finding a person to do your “witnessing” and being a “witness” yourself. There are times when the mood, the venting or recapitulation has to happen now, right this minute and you must turn someone within your personal physical range into the witness for you.  I have done this very thing before and I usually just ask the person if they can witness some information for me, do not fix me, just hear me out and let me run my process and then be on my way. I find people are usually willing to just be there for you regardless of what they know. Later you can find someone to run that latter part of the process for you or you can sit with yourself and do it for yourself, as an observer. The story and feelings should not be an issue once they are let out, you are more than likely to watch it as a different being’ness as the history and energy are no longer a story of suffering for you.

Being a “Witness” for someone else…

Best way to start is to stand on both of your feet evenly, center yourself, clear your mind and breathe deeply in and out. This should only take you a few minutes, remember the person needing the witnessing is in the moment of needing to expedite the inner information now.

Stand face to face with the person you are witnessing for, looking into their left eye the entire time and make sure to breathe. If you are breathing deeply the person venting will start breathing which lends to letting go of the emotional back flow faster. When we witness we never offer our opinions, suggestions, try to heal, we simply breathe while holding space this assists from a quiet, loving, non attached place while the other person is communicating their experience. We do not attach onto their story, it has nothing to do with us, the ego wants you to do something about their story do yourself a favor and just hold space. You do not want to get involved emotionally with their sh*t, sh*t can splash and I am sure you do not want someone elses sh*t on you!

When you feel that the person you are witnessing for is done venting take in several deep breaths remain quiet. Then when you feel the timing is right ask the person if they are done sharing. “Are you done sharing with me? Is there anything else you need me to witness for you at this time? When all the witnessing is done you can move into the closure section of that space and time having helped the person you witnessed for recapitulate that emotional story that was stealing their energy and power.

When we being the closure or ending there are two roads we can travel down.  However before we can do our closure part we have to ask the person in front of us if they want to be touched or not touched? Once we know how our experience’er needs closure then we can proceed with our part. Remember we do not give feedback or suggestions, this is not a time to talk and your job is to strictly hold space during the recapitulation or venting. The ending we give and apply power (energy) to this person so they may recover and move past this story for good.

When the person does not want to be touched continue to stand in front of them and encourage them to breathe deeply, you are still connecting to them by staring at the left eye which is the infinite part of their being. Place your hands up in front of your own body, palms of hands facing the person you are assisting. Breathe power, light in through the top of your head and out through your hands at the person filling their energy body. Your mind should stay focused, do not let it stray from the task at hand, you can think things like, “I am bringing forth the light of the universe into my body, out my hands and freely giving it without condition to (State their name) that they may accept this gift of change”. Finish breathing this light into the energy space of the person in front of you then bring your hands together and simply say Thank You.

That is one ending. Here is the next possibility:

When the person does want to be touched, you may gentle reach out for their hands. When this connection, current is made it creates an infinitely energy pattern and current. Like the one at the top of this blog.

The person witnessing right hand is open and palm up, their person venting brings their left hand down onto the open right hand. Repeat on the other side, until both hands are connected. You are still connecting to them by staring at the left eye which is the infinite part of their being.

Breathe power, light in through the top of your head and out through your hands into the persons hands you are holding. Your mind should stay focused do not let it stray from the task at hand. If you need to focus mentally you might try repeating to yourself something like this: “I am bringing forth the light of the universe, from the infinite into my body and coursing it this reality through my hands as I give it freely without condition to (state their name). May you accept this gift!” You can repeat it out loud if you wish; you may all together come up with a likely and equally brilliant proclamation of your own to suit your own work.

Finish breathing this light into the energy circuit you have help to create then gently let go. Finally breathe back into your personal energy space fully disconnected. Bring your hands together and simply say Thank You.

When you need a “Witness”…

Most of the time there is notice when you need to vent, recapitulate and it can be as simple as “you must turn” someone within your personal physical range into the witness for you.  I have done this very thing before and I usually just ask the person if they can witness some information for me, do not fix me, just hear me out and let me run my process and then be on my way. I find people are usually willing to just be there for you regardless of what they know. Later you can find someone to run that latter part of the process for you or you can sit with yourself and do it for yourself, as an observer. The story and feelings should not be an issue once they are let out; you are more than likely to watch it as a different being’ness as the history and energy are no longer a story of suffering for you.

You can share this information with a friend, someone you trust, possibly several people and you can work together going back forth when the need strikes, the energy surfaces is the most important moment to get it out. It is when it has the strongest force of your story of suffering. All of our stories are about our suffering in some way, the resentment, helplessness, hopelessness, anger are just the power behind them keeping justifications of our stories alive. If this reality is a hologram? Then at some point we have to come to the understanding that our stories are lies we believe about a fictional character I call myself, me and usually by a name. When you let the energy out in a witnessing process it takes the life, batteries out of a story about us and can free us, eventually to our own infinite state.

This information I give to you freely, may you give it to others freely without condition.

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Tree Beings as Allies…


Trees and I go way back, thousands of years (lifetimes). There  was a time when the Vedress People lived and I remember it. Anastasia talks
about this time period. You find many mentions of it in her books. I have an  indescribable alignment with word Vedress. The people of that time were in alignment with the all, the one in creation, co-creation together. They left us  libraries of information in megaliths. Information contained in those rocks  structure today. The Trees in certain areas of the world remember these people.

Trees hand down information to the plants through the root
systems, eco systems that develop around them and from the matter like leaves
that fall from them eventually eaten by the microbes into soil matter, breaking
down the information (matter) into a structure that can be taken in assimilated
by smaller beings. Taking in food, air, water is the same as taking in
information in our environment, part of us humans, animals, plants, trees and
beings that live in soil have programs within to decipher the information
without us even knowing it, our systems can adjust to what is. In some cases if
it cannot adjust, severe environmental issues like radiation it will kill us
when we cannot find the information to adapt to in our environment through the information we take in. That is why what man is doing to the planet is causing, will cause and extinction and most do not even know that is going on now.

I have always loved trees. I have had the great privilege of meeting many trees in their nature eco systems and also in the human made eco systems. Trees are the most magnificent beings on earth. Tree consciousness is ancient, patient and peaceful like a Zen master would be like if he/she was a tree. I have visited the redwoods in California and the information there was so old from a time that there was peace there. I could hear the inhales and exhales of those trees and the plants that grew around them worshipped them. The air was still ancient, moist; pollen rich like the whole earth was at one time. I read a book about the earth thousands of years ago and there was speculation that we humans had capacities in our lungs to breath in all the pollen in the air and live off it. it contained everything in it we needed. The air was rich with such food for us then. I suspect that this is where the modern ideas of breatharianism comes from when we could simply live off breathing even for water and food in our atmosphere. I have memories about that time on earth as well. I can remember running through green tall grasses and pollen is floating everywhere, the air is warm, moist and I feel at peace with all life around me. I never knew hate, anger, rage, and fear in that life experience. It did not exist we humans were one with the all, the one.

My first experience with a tree Spirit was on a fall day. 2005? I had a single size futon that I had made into a couch. I positioned it in the living room so I could lay on it and look out my window. I loved to look out of my second story window and contemplate the sky, clouds, weather and large trees outside of my apartment.

One early morning with coffee in hand I laid down on the futon I felt dreamy, drifting consciousness kind of “out of it”. The sun was shining through the window onto the lower end of the futon across the bottom half of my body which invited me to sink into the vastness of what I call the dreaming
state. I drifted on the waves of awareness for several hours in a hypnotic
state. As I was coming back into my body laying on the futon, I saw “it” it was
in the tree moving towards me.

In the large fully leafed tree outside the window I saw a cloud of energy form, this cloud of energy reminded me of a dragon. The long neck and head, it was twisting its neck around turning to look at me as it formed. I remember thinking; “oh my God, that is the spirit of the tree!” The spirit stretched out its neck aligning its head to make eye contact with me, I watched its mouth open and I knew it was going to talk to me! That is when I fully sat up, I almost screamed, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up. By the time I shook off the state I was in, the spirit had left.

I became a tad bit more respectful out in nature especially around trees. My inner landscapes changed after the first visitation of the tree spirit.

When you know that there is a conscious spirit being or soul in all livings things, deep reverence of all life takes hold.

I met lots of indigo kids in my line of work of all ages. There was a particular one who stands out to me, he is now an adult. He told me some really fantastic things about energies that he had observed in his life. He had been brought up in the city. He was tuned into energies that are in, surround cities in his younger years. The lower vibrational beings that come in inter-dimensionally use electric energy; they pull energy from the human made grid which brings them into this time and space. This electricity helps them to full form and operate here with us. They take over cities and the people who live
in them creating a mental illness state. Eventually they hitch rides around on
people called entities and can cause death. Sometimes these beings become
powerful and we may call them demons and they make there way into the bodies of humans. The concrete and black top blocks the earth energy and nature beings from being able to balance out the frequency. There is no real protection from these beings in cities. They multiply rapidly using the electric grid for the power source the need, like portholes. I have seen video of these beings working in our world via electric power lines; you can see them in full form at night around lights and places that emit great amounts of power.

There is information that I have read about that gives scientific basis for what the First Nation people knew long ago. That the frequency of the earth, which they call the heart beat of the earth and there understanding of aligning with it and it is practiced to this day. We can align ourselves with the heart beat of earth is simply by standing quietly, connecting, breathing gratitude into all living things and gently tap your chest where you heart is in a heart beat motion.

The indigo told me that he had to move out of the city and the first chance that opened, he moved to the forest and lives there today. The energy of nature is strong, the nature beings or forces hold the energy for all life, and they hold the thread of our world together and protect it. I feel that people who have negative experience in nature are themselves negative and are being scared out of sacred areas.

These nature spirits have no need to move in and out of dimensions. Their life is here on earth with us, attempting to teach us and holding the world together we experience as real. The more we destroy nature, the more we kill the good energies, destroying the world, their worlds and the lower vibs take over. Like attracts like: pollute a river and the nature spirits leave it and darkness falls in the form of entities who come in and keep that river hostage.  Dams I now
believe cause imbalances of energy life forms. Nature spirits can fix anything,
but we have to stop the damage we are doing in order for that to happen. We
loose power that is/was given to us to make the journey all the way, destroying
the ability of the nature world to keep the balance for us by allowing others whose energies are lower to rape our home of everything living and use all living and man made energy to do so.

I attended Biodynamic courses for farming and while I was there I took a course called Phenomenology. I have taken many classes, courses,
practices on pruning and taking care of trees. I prune trees with a focus on
communication, structure and health which includes nutrient issues of the tree. I study them before I prune them. During a Phenomenology class on trees I had a mind blowing observation about trees, the forces they live with and how these natural force/s play into everything about them. I would often return home after these classes sobbing. The shift in my consciousness and the awareness that came into me were often distressing to my beliefs or a relief of truth. Either way it was powerful time for me and trees.

Shortly after this class I had a dream about two trees that were the pine/spruce category. The trees moved around just like people with no visible features. The Trees took me into a barn and on the wall were jars of green liquid. The trees first discussed with me the medicine that can be gained by extracting the juice out of the leaves or needles. I would call this Tree juice in my waking state. I do not remember how to make it, did not come back to the waking dream with those instructions. Hopefully one day something will trigger the memory loose on how to make it.

The one Tree being was aggravated; frustrated with this world we were sharing. I could feel the anger directed at me. I got the feeling that the tree beings knew committing and coming into this world that the whole
human evolution thing was going to be a challenge for all beings at some point
and that point was now. One of the Trees was venting anger at me, I was trying
to full stay conscious in the dream while he was talking but I had a hard time
because the things he was telling me were trigging a shock to my current

The Tree being said to me that all living things made a contract in the past to come to this reality for the highest and greatest purpose for the evolution for humans/souls. He said the rocks beings came from their rock world; the water being came from the water world or also known to some of us as the blue planet, trees came from the tree world and so forth until the canvass was created.

My understanding of the experience was that we are all the same, nothing is better than something else. Everything has power, awareness, consciousness and that life force is specialized from what ever world they come from. We are all aliens to this world, making it work and it is suppose to be together.

The Tree being wanted me to know that they love us and came here to assist us into the levels of consciousness, divinity that they are connected to.

Trees really are our friends, brothers and sisters, helpers and teachers; Scientifically it is proven we cannot live with out trees and plants. They provide us with oxygen on a planet being murdered by co2 and in some case food and medicine. Medicines that are yet to be discovered by us in the modern age, but are known to ancient societies and some still living today.
The trees breathe in the co2 and exhale oxygen. They are the lungs of our
planet! Natural purifying air filters.

Some of the blogs I write seem to be really far out there for some of you and that is okay, keep opening, listening and do not give up on yourself. Some questions that may be worth asking yourself: What happened to me?
What happened to the aware kid I once was? When I knew magic, nature and walked in the dream world?  When did I give up? When was the last time I was in the natural world just to observe it?

Today is a good day to find yourself a sacred tree my friend, sit under it for a least several hours, go there everyday for a week, allow yourself to surrender, rest, trust and let the tree being remind and regenerated you who you really are. You may even see its true self? Oh the  shock and awwwww!

All beings came here for friendship and as teachers for humans to play a game out called Earth. I suspect that in the past civilizations, farther back than we are aware of, a long time ago we were all one living together. What if salvation was returning back to the stewardship of nature and all living things? If God is the “All” then wouldn’t He/She be all living things? Then could we not see the hand of our creator in the trees, plants, stars, soil, seeds, animal/s including snakes? Why would we destroy what God created? Why would we? And knowing this why would we continue to be a part of the destruction of this beautiful place God made for us to in order to co-create with all living beings?

Maybe it is “we” that have to return to the garden of Eden within to enable our own salvation with God? Maybe we are the garden of Eden when we are in full consciousness? Maybe we can begin to know ourselves and God by taking the time to visit a tree and be open enough to listen?

Grow Food. Be Free & Live for a Living!


Carrying some Snake Medicine…

snake medicine

I want to say here in the beginning that anything I discuss is my experience, what I come to know by no
means should be taken personally or judged as right or wrong. It is my life, a journey of becoming and sometimes I have help, a teacher and sometimes I have to rely on the Spirit world to show me the way.

I have learned in my spiritual travels about snake medicine carriers. Like Bear medicine carries, Snake medicine carriers are born into the medicine they will carry, the people always are powerful healers. Omens usually follow them from birth. In the days past there were snake medicine rituals, coming of age as a medicine man or woman. Basically a large pit was made, rattlers would be placed in it and after preparation and ceremonies the person becoming the medicine carrier of snake would dance until unconscious in the pit of rattlers. These people are bitten many times and by many snakes during rite of passage. Just like in the coming of age rituals and practices of ancient societies only 1 percent would die and it was said that it was the spirit of the person who was not ready to carry the medicine. Once the poison was taken in and transmuted the person had medicine that would transmute all poisons into the medicine needed for the cure. As you can imagine very powerful medicine people have and use snake medicine. I do not know believe that I fall into this category as I have not had the privilege of this ritual and to be honest I would have a heart attack and die before I even made it into the pit. I would need serious help to get over my snake issues. I have had my share of snake medicine rituals even though they do not seem as serious as the snake dance.

I think this should start with yet another story about my powerful great grandmother Billy. I know say this all the time but she is still to this day the most powerful being I have ever witnessed on earth in my life thus far. I have seen, studied with, lived with and witnessed many healers, shamans, medicine people, holy men and woman of all kinds. I have traveled and worked with as many as I can from all over the world, from many countries and yes there are many, many frauds. I have been extremely lucky as I seem to attract higher evolved beings to me in every day  life. Even I am astonished by where these beings/people show up.

Since Billy was my first teacher  I have based my experiences of others from the ones with her. I think everyone  has something to give, share, teach but few in this world have power, real  power and have done their work in order to have the power they have and the  ability to really practice “do no harm”. My Lakota Shaman/medicine woman  teacher in my early 20’s said to me many times that we must do everything we can in the physical world, doing it physically first and giving it everything  we have before we turn to magic to solve the problem we face. She said, “that we cannot use our power to get away from facing real physical life issues and must  use every attempt to resolve it as a normal person does”. This also keeps us from misusing power and using it against others who do not have the same level  of abilities which would harm them greatly mentally and emotionally. I later  found out that this is the path of the warrior. I also came to fully understand  stalking which is another conversation.

This story was told to me by my  grandmother the daughter of my great grandmother before she died, long after  Billy was dead. It happened to her when she was 8 years old. It was not really  a strange event to her she had ground up with such events and was not concerned  even as a kid. My grand mother went on in her adult life to be a real prophet.  All the women in my bloodline are very powerful in many ways.

My great grand parents moved to  the back woods of Colorado,  I have no idea exactly when it was a long time ago. They moved into an old  cabin. Shortly after arriving there my great grandfather started working for  the railroad leaving Billy alone there with 2 kids. For the first year Billy  would talk to the snakes living under that cabin in a den. She had noticed them  not long after moving in when the chickens, cats, rabbits were showing up dead.  Billy’s big concern was that of her kids. People in that time period food supplies
contained eating and raising small animals. Though she was a powerful herbalist  and could heal anyone of anything she also practiced the same principles as my Lakota  teacher. Dealing with matters physically and not waiting until you have to use magic to solve it. Same exact lesson applies here.

Billy told those snakes every day to move on, move out from under the house and move far into the woods. As the months passed her message to them became more serious. She told the snakes that if they did not leave within a certain amount of time that this land was  now hers that she would remove them in a way that would not allow them choice. My  grand mother said there was no playing outside because of the rattle snakes and there domination of the yard and everything in it. However she said the snakes never attempted ever to come in the house.

Finally after about a year Billy felt that she had given the snakes enough time, she was ready to do what she must and it was time to use the spirit world to do it. My grand mother told me that Billy packed a big can of food and water as if they were going on a trip. Billy was distant that morning. I know now that she was moving into another state of awareness the one in which we magic lives. Billy took my grand mother and her older brother outside to a big tree far enough away from the house. Billy told them to stay there, no matter how long it took that when they were to move she would come and collect them. Billy returned to the house sharpened a knife, chanting and went under the cabin. Snake after snake was brought out and the head was cut off. You may feel pretty disturbed by this story but in my family these kinds of events were pretty normal. Billy had rendered the snakes powerless against her by working in the physical in asking them to leave. She had waited until spirit said okay it is time to manage the snakes. I was told that it went on for an entire day, not one snake bit Billy. At the end of the day Billy piled the dead snakes up and burned them letting any other snakes know that might have escaped her that that this will be their fate if they do not leave soon. No rattler was ever spotted near the cabin as long as they lived there.

When I was growing up the only dreams I had were always with snakes. I have to report here that I hate snakes. Not only hate them but I am terrified! Why did I get picked or chosen to be a snake medicine carrier? It is the biggest practical joke ever I am the biggest chicken ever! In my night dreams I deal with snake/s, in some dreams I have carried them around, the snakes also would bite me for no reason, snakes kill people and family members as well. When I snakes kill people in my dreams, I know in the near future they are going to die from something that cannot be healed. If I had any kind of dealings with snakes like in my night dreams when I am awake I would need meds big time.

My mother told me that when I was little a group of kids told me to hide in chest so I did. The kids through massive amount of plastic snakes on me and locked the chest. Though some of the trails and rituals of snakes medicine were not equal to a snake dance I feel that I did experience enough to forever change me and maybe not in good way.

The last part of this blog is a dream I had and how it manifested into my waking world. Though there are many stories I could tell about my relationship to snake this story is waiting to be told.

About 6 years ago I had a dream. In the dream a friend of mine was giving me 4 rattle snakes. I would never touch a snake at lease one alive or accept 4 as a gift in the waking world. My friend in the dream someone I do not know in the waking dream of every day life tells me that I need to find something to put the snakes in to take with me. I look around and I find a vibrant white large man’s tee shirt. We Put the snakes 3 large rattle snakes and one considerable smaller rattler onto the tee shirt wrap them up, we stand up and the bundle is handed to me. My friend leaves. I have the bundle held out with straight arms. I was clutching the bundle of snakes with both hands. I can feel the snakes moving around and even for a dream disturbs me in a way that I have to find a place to sleep, to lay down and I know this will take me to another level in the dream to deal with what is happening. My conscious mind is having trouble in the dream. I walk into another building. This building has a dark grey concrete floor, walls are vibrant white and there is nothing in this building. I find a room where there is a camping/hunting sleeping lounge chair set up it is high enough off the ground that if I let the snakes loose for a nap they cannot get to me. I check the doors of the room the gap under the door was not wide enough for the snakes to escape, this is great news. I am so tired in the dream I need to lay down. I release the snakes out of the tee shirt and lay down falling fast asleep. I woke up in the waking world freaking out that I had let those snakes go! How was I going to get them wrapped back up? Touch them? Get off the bed? Then it hit me it was a dream! I have never forgotten that dream it was the farthest “out of” character for me I could possibly get!

3 years after that dream I was living in the desert, down a long dirt road. One day when I was out walking I came across a dead, perfectly squished and flattened snake. Upon closer inspection it was also perfectly dried, though it was pretty small I could tell that it was in fact a baby rattler. I spent several minutes inspecting it and then the corporate decision to take it home was made. I was going to take it home and put it next to my owl wing on my alter. There was still part of me uncertain about the whole snake matter even dead. I walk around the area looking for something I could put the snake in to carry it back to the house. I find 3 feet by 3 feet pretty beat up vibrant white thick piece of plastic. Iput the flat, crisp snake in the plastic wrap it up and with arms out stretched proceed to walk down the dirt road to the house. It was about them I literally almost vomited! The dream was happening exactly. I got the snake home, I put it on my alter and lay down on the bed next to it passed out from the stress of all the realizations, just like in the dream.

Though I have many dreams about snakes, I also have many dreams that are omens in some way happening to me in real life. This dream has always stood out and has been was one of the most powerful ones I have ever had, so far. This dream caused a shift in me. It may have finally been the moment that I accepted the path of the healer. I have to tell you I have been in the healing field for 25 years at the time. I just had not accepted snake, the poison and had not been the vessel from transmutation until then. It was also the moment that I knew that spirit was in charge totally and all things that happened in the waking world were a cause from the night dream world where spirit rules. I firmly believe that God or Great Spirit talks to us at night in the dream world; it is where life and death, waking and sleeping meet.  It is where we are open
have less complicated beliefs that stand between spirit and ourselves.

I still have the snake in my box of medicine. This box travels with me to do my work. I use my work in shamanism with snake as my transmutor for land, water, soil, homes, offices, buildings, people, animals, insects, winged beings, companies, corporations literally anything and everything needs transmutation. At some point, some kind of medicine is needed to change the poison or energy into the medicine and become
the cure for the change desired.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Healing our Animal Pals…


I wanted to write a piece about the spiritual science of health and that it covers every living thing on earth. I venture to say that I know more about this kind of healing and I am using it in the context of animals today.

I have worked in the field of healing for domestic, farm animals and have also worked with these animals as aids in healing for almost 35 years now. Having began this work about age 10.  The kind/s of work I do on animals is pretty much the same as people. However animals can be great allies in healing for humans, plants, earth and water. The generals in health for animals are similar to humans but one thing that is not the same is how they communicate and not many humans are designed or open enough to hear their inner chatter with animal/s. Humans and animals have both been lumped into modern health care systems that for the most part keep the majority of illness in check, but in the long run breed levels of illness that will go ignored and eventually shorten our lives and the lives our animal brothers and sisters. I do not think there is one size fits all to health and its many levels of function for the organic materials that we are living in and this covers animals to. I am not going to debate soul or no soul about animals, which I think is a dumb ass debate since everything is energy and everything that has ever lived as energy will always be. I am in no way the expert and since energy flows, weaves, vibrates, changes constantly. I prefer to stay on the end of watching, adapting and study to provide better health remedies. I find new pieces to my health and healing puzzle every day. It is not finite.

The work I currently do with animals is as follows: medical intuitive work that mostly is about listen and watching the animal, I do not do animal communication work, restoration and recovery of health through structural actions, [AUP] a brain re-boot system that can arrest disease of all kinds, animal chiropractic studied with the man who created it in America, acupuncture and traditional Osteopathic medicine,, shamanism healing work, herbal medicine and at least 5 types of energy healing on the animals. Though I have more defined work on people for the fact of advertising, my work with animals sometimes is much more powerful for me than working on people. Yes, there are many times I must shift the health of the people who manage and master the animals in poor health. Animal/s can be collectors, clearing the health issues of the human/s on an emotional level. Over time becomes too much and the animal/s energy field is so over burdened and it dies. When we are looking at animal health it seems to me there are many more branches that simple medicine can handle. We have to really begin to open to the information that has been here for 1000 of years. It is known and what medicine has become is not very old, not well tested. I want to add here that I have witnessed what dark spirit/s, energies, and force/s, possession/s of home and people that are big serious threats for animals. Many animals die with unexplained illnesses from exposure to these entities or are beaten to death by these forces that see them as weaker. If you feel that your animal/s is being threatened it is your duty to remove them to a safe place until you get the situation under control.

In the powerful healing work by Black Elk and what he became capable of doing, what he came to know and learn, he said it came from the bear. Black Elk in many accounts said that he followed two different bears around to learn his craft. One of the bears was physical form and Black Elk would follow this bear into the forest watching the bear dig up roots and plants daily learning the physical medicine bear was doing. Black Elk learned how to use medicines hidden in the earth from bear to cure people in his tribe and many others who came to him by his exceptional reputation for healing. Bear is the master of health in the physical world; bear knows how to heal with roots, herbs and plants in the woods and the forest. The second bear was what I call the “night dream” bear or spirit bear. The dreaming world bear came to Black Elk as an alley, teacher and taught him how to use the medicines of the bear for people. Bear would come to Black Elk in the dream world as a teacher.

Dr. Jarvis says in his folk medicine book about how our pioneer ancestors learned about the plants and ways to heal when coming to America. He implies that it was watching and learning from the animals. Jarvis writes: I have come to marvel at the instinct of animals to make use of natural laws for healing themselves. They know unerringly which herbs will cure what ills. Wild creatures first seek solitude and absolute relaxation, then they then rely on the complete remedies of Nature – the medicine in plants and pure air. A bear grubbing for ferns roost; a wild turkey compelling her babies in a rainy spell to eat the leaves of the spice bush; an animal bitten by a poisonous snake, confidently chewing snakeroot – all of these typical examples. An animal with fever quickly hunts up and airy, shady place near water, there remaining quiet, eating nothing but drinking often until its health is recovered. On the other hand, an animal bedeviled by rheumatism finds a spot of hot sunlight and lies in it until the misery bakes out.

In another blog I am writing we will discuss nutritional ideas for animals and how to help them find and get what they need.

From the book, The teachings of Don Carlos: Don Juan often referred to the existence of magical animals whose magic made them practically invulnerable; they were not likely to be captured by hunters. Their power was derived from the fact that – unlike ordinary animals- they had no routines. This endowed them with the lightness, freedom, and extraordinary power. He said it would be fortunate indeed to encounter one of these beings. The same holds true for plants and other living beings. The energy of a tree, for instance, can be so powerful that it simply resting in its shade or among its branches will produce a great, generally beneficent, effect.

Lastly I wanted to write about my Great Grand Mother my first Shamanic/ Medicine Woman in my life. Still to this day she is the most powerful being I have come in contact with on earth. This story is not a new story; many of us have heard a version of this story told about a person of great awareness in our past history. However what I am writing about here is a story about Billy my early light of this world and teacher. This story was told to me by her daughter my grand mother who was a real “prophet”. I was told that my bloodline of women on my mother’s side went back before the times of Jesus and that the women in Jesus’s life were from the same bloodlines of shaman level lineage that I come from. Our women taught Jesus the arts that he later used and became famous for. We taught Jesus how to use elemental forces as in walking on water, turning water into wine, hands on healing and manifesting thousands of fish from one. What Jesus did was old school sorcery arts, elemental power and forces, the power in lives in everything and can manifest world/s, things, actions and events into the reality around us. This knowledge is used by dark energies and light. Choice is always the users. Animals seem to be not easily possessed by dark forces and why they seem to be harmed first or removed first by dark forces.

I was told that Billy my great grand mother not only healed people, earth but animals as well. She believed in the power that animals had to help, heal themselves and our job was to connect them to the power within and take notes, assisting the animal in its own healing. It should be mentioned that all healers are facilitators and magicians. Whenever people brought the sick to us our family it was out of desperation. We were never fully accepted into the world we live to much religious doctrine to keep the masses under control and asleep for centuries and invested serious fear about us. Our people, my people were not the norm even to this day. There are controllers of the main stream field/s of alternative medicine and they have made ever attempt to constantly threatening me, destroying my work and just project darkness towards me. My work surpasses what can be found in the main stream alternative, it is impeccable and it threatens the foundation of the main stream which is also propaganda built. I cannot even imagine the strength the women doing this work before me what they endured but I can only be great’ful that they were impeccable and their medicine flows through me and some others to this day. now the rest of the story.

One day a man brought his prize horse that was very sick to Billy. Nothing the man was doing including having the horse looked over medical personnel was of any benefit to the horse. The man did not want to loose his horse and in this mans last ditch effort took the horse to Billy. Billy told the man to leave the horse and come back in several days to retrieve it.

Immediately Billy looked over the horse, building a connection, a friendship of trust with the being. Billy sat and watched the horse for a full day but nothing came to her about the state of the horse, there was nothing she found visibly to do for it. The next day Billy harnessed the horse and proceeded to take the horse on a long walk through the forest. Billy hoped that the horse’s awareness would wake up, kick in and help her to find the medicine to heal what was disturbing the horse’s health. After several hours the horse began to lean its head towards the ground licking at certain plants in the forest. Billy took this as a sign that these plants the horse was signaling to were what the horse was requesting for her to pick. Every time the horse would lean down and lick at the plant/s, Billy would take the plant/s gently from the earth, placing them into a bundle she carried. The next day Billy returned to her home with horse. She emptied the massive bundle onto the ground. She let the horse give her indications on the medicine plants, roots, and herbs. The horse made no direct indications. Billy lit up her big metal cauldron outside, placed pure water from the stream than ran past her home and then added the medicinal plants into the cauldron. Today we would call this steeping. When the cauldron cooled she brought the horse to it and let the horse drink the medicinal mixture. The horse drank every bit. The next day Billy again made the mixture and the horse drank it. There was a smell that started to come out of the horse and within several days a tumor “like” clump was eliminated by the horse. The man arrived several days later and his horse was completely changed around. Billy explained what had happened and that the man should continue the mixture until the bundle of herbs she handed him was gone. The horse went on to live on for a long time, it was said that the man died much sooner than the horse.

Sometime healing takes us to another level of awareness that does not make sense to our minds. However if used, followed can lead us to wellness in ways we never imagined it can be applied eventually to the world around us and all that is including in our reality especially our animal counter parts. Maybe if we are inclined to adopt a new perspective we could include animals into the sacred world which teaches us and units all living things. And if we can let go of our ego/s and our belief of supremacy over this world maybe we could share in the healing, health and wellness with animal being/s. I suspect we might actually learn something!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


Run to the Sun…

galactic sun

Today woke up early this am before the sun was up. I walked out of the apartment building across the road to a vacant lot and watched as the first rays of light coming from behind the mountain sprung up into the clouds. I have to say that today was the most beautiful Sun rise I have ever seen. Maybe one of the first sun rises I have been fully present for ever. I am becoming ever more present as I live and everything continues to grow deeper levels awareness that I can see in visible forms and it is glorious!

When I woke up before the Sun I knew I was going to be writing this blog on my take on the run to the Sun today. I want to let you know that I am not of first nation blood. I practice Shamanism and the first nation practices that I have learned. What I state in the blogs is my own take on these systems of power that I have used for my own healing journey. Please do not take what I give as the full truth, the only truth and when trying some of the practices be open with them and allow them to teach you. In all things there is medicine in the form of energy an in order to really know you must make friends with it. This medicine covers clouds, sky, Sun, plants, earth, air, colors and all that you see, feel, hear and come to know. The friendship has to be accepted. You have to show proof of wanting to learn about the medicine by committing yourself and time. You have to show up, be present and open. Americans minds are not geared in long term and we have a hard time focusing on one thing for duration of time. These kinds of practices can aid you in being present, in the moment and committing yourself and making new friends with powerful healing abilities and knowledge you would never find anywhere else on Earth.

Today we are going to explore our new friend the Sun who is a powerful alley to have. By doing this morning practice you can increase you daily energy. It is an amazing healing tool when sick for any level/s of illness and disease. It just might be the medicine you have been missing. Once the Sun being accepts you the light will change when approaching the Sun in the future you will be in a different range of awareness or dimension/s of reality. It takes practice to get it right, get you right with the Sun. I am going to add something here that is a suspicion of mine. You can take this for what feels right to you the reader. I believe that people who get skin cancer are not aligned with the Sun. You are fighting the Physical sun and not aligned with the ether and astral aspects of the Sun which is the spirit force in the Sun. We spend days out in the day under the sun, very rarely it is for bliss of your relationship with the Sun and usually zero acknowledgement of this being who gives us life on earth. Our human bodies require vitamin D it is one of the essential nutrients we cannot live without. Vitamin D prevents many cancers and many other illnesses we get due to lack of Sun exposure and collection of vitamin D in our bodies. After years of doing my modified practice the light of the sun is not dimmed but has a different way about it and it is because I have moved into the light of Sacredness with the Sun who heals me, teaches me and gives me health. I became friends with the Sun and now I walk in the Sacred light of knowledge with it.

This is a practice done by the Navajo first nation tribe. It was told to me. It is done by waking up early before the Sun comes up and running, jogging in the direction of the rising Sun. You constantly face the direction of the Sun rise while doing this, never turning your back to the East, to the Sun. Stop running after the Sun has fully risen. You then bend over and touch the earth with your hands, grounding, loving energy and gratitude for the Earth Mother. Then raising your arms up above your head, palms open and facing the Sun you allow the Sun to penetrate you.

This is where my practice comes in since I know it much better than trying to explain something I have not worked with as much. In the end the common aspect is the teacher and that is the Sun.

I had a brain tumor, other health issues that have been completely healed. I used diet and healing practices. Since I could not run, I woke up, went outside and faced East in the mornings waiting for the Sun to rise. If I was up early enough I would have a tobacco pray/s smoke. I am not a smoker I strictly use it for prayer and ceremony. Pray Smoke is   another topic I will discuss at a later blog. The key here is modify, do what you can. The intention is what matters most. Your intention to be there waiting for your friend that is bringing you healing energy and your daily information from the cosmos. Like a computer down load, but you are the hard drive and the Sun is providing you the new and latest health app. This gives your whole being information you need about the changes that take place daily on the ether, astral and physical planes of our realties. This information your cells, DNA, RNA take up and your systems respond making adjustments needed to adapt to the environments happening all around you.

By the way the ancient, first nation people know science; they know what is happening when they do these practices. Be very careful in your thinking about these people, they know things that science is only on the verge of knowing!

Okay so here we go with my version of this practice.

I wait for the Sun to rise, I stand there and if I am not feeling well when I do get up it is the first place I go, outside and face the Sun. I bend over touch the Earth grounding myself and sending gratitude. I stand up facing the Sun with arms raised and palms towards the Sun. I allow the astral energies and the ether energies to penetrate me and sometimes I see it in my inner mind or inner sight as waves of flames usually orange and yellow in color. These Flames move into me, all over me to all my places and spaces. Also into my energy field/s and energy bodies: emotional, mental, ether, astral, chakras………..all of it, engulfing me in an astral fire. You may notice similar experiences as you do this practice, be patient it takes time.

I am not engaged with the part of the sun you see in the sky, but the energy, forces, astral and ether parts of the Sun in the sky that dance with my energy parts.

Lastly I gentle grab handfuls of the energy off the Sun and rub it onto parts of my body that need extra energy. On my head, my heart, back of my neck, lower back are areas that I pull energy to and place it on by rubbing it onto. It may look like what smudging ourselves does, with more reaching out, pulling and grabbing the ether and astral energies towards me and then rubbing on to the areas that need a bit extra. I know from working with my own body that areas where there is tension, tightness are areas that have blocked energy and this is where I will work the Sun energy into. I always thank whatever medicine I am working with. Not just a Thank You but a Full, whole hearted, healed being Thank you.

That is basically how I do it, however there are twist, turns and more to my private practice that is not for sharing here. It is part of my medicine and so there are parts of my practice that I will not share. If I give you too much information you will not be able to have your own experience/s in making friends with in this case the Sun. It is vitally important in building your own medicine, your own understanding, your own healing to know from within and you can only do this by doing it for yourself.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


5 Levels of Healing and Wellness…


I  have been facilitating healing and teaching wellness in the “wholestic” fields for over 30 years. I started at a very young age knowing the ins and outs of health, healing, life and death. It started with insects at a very young age. Insects and I are still very good friends. Insects offer me protection, warn me so to speak and have been known to swarm me, buffering me from currents of dark energies.

Next I began working with plants, tress and living forces. However that was cut off and I picked back up in my early 30’s. Diving into the world of our 4 legged friends and winged beings. Once when I was 22 I found a young hawk. She looked to have taken her first flight and did not make it back. I heard the mother hawk squawking above, when I looked down I could hear faint peeps coming from a corner of a bull riding shoot. I found her, she was almost dead. I streamed water down my finger into her beak. I picked her up in my sweat shirt and took her home. I had no idea what I was getting into; no one could have prepared me. My friends thought I was nuts! Told me I was nuts. I was not afraid. I was always bringing animal/s home, taking care of them, helping them to die if that is what happened. When I arrived home I feed the baby hawk some pheasant that I had put out from a hunting trip for dinner. She ate so much then just became tired so I rolled her up in the sweat shirt put her on my bed in the room and shut the door. 4 hours later I went to check on her and she was flying around the room much bigger than I had noticed and hissing at me. I was really hurt she was not longer my friend or needed my care. Thus the lesson of wild is wild and sometimes in our care a short time and belongs in the wild. There was no way to handle her in the frisky shape she was in. beak and nails sharp as blades. So I shut the door and came about hours later when she had worn herself out, rolled her up in the sweat shirt, put her in the car and drove her to a hawk rehabilitation center up the mountain I had found when I came to the realization she was not going to be my pet! She was eventually set free into the wild and I care her medicine with me where ever I go.

Somewhere around 19 I began doing medium work for people who had questions, actually found out I was pretty good at it. However mine information seemed to show its self in patterns of thinking, feeling that disturb health. People would want to know about their marriage and it would come out in the patterns that were affecting the health of the individuals and ultimately affecting the marriage. For several years it happened at some point I came to the awareness that I was a medical intuitive, not a medium. I also have the gift to heal what is causing the weakness.

I began working with people full time after apprenticing with a Lakota Medicine woman for a year when I was 23. Until then I just thought maybe I might be crazy with all the information I had and was able to tap into. She gave me the confidence in myself to know that I was a vessel for spirit to do the work. I never have judge myself and my abilities sense.

I had a life changing illness, brain tumor at 31 that forever change my work, it became personal. I learned so much from the experience. Early on I had to choose fear and the medical establishment or walk my talk and trust that everything I need and needed to know would find me and it did. Took 11 years for the totally healing to happen, but it has. It only strengthened my belief in the realities other than the one we see. It provided me with the death of the person to become awakened as the shaman or medicine woman. I carry strong snake medicine; snake was the first night dream I ever had as a child. Snake told me that my whole family would die and I would be alone. It happened in 1998 to 2003 I lost my family and then 2 of my closets friends were murdered separately. Snake prepared me all of my life to take the bite, the venom and transmute it into the medicine for illness for what caused the sickness.

I began growing my own organic produce and herbs again around age 30 returning back to teachings from my mother and great grand mother. 10 years later returned back to school to learn Biodynamic farming, I also did a few farming internships and permaculture retreats. I then began building urban farm projects for individual families for food productions. I am currently in the process of buying 20 acres for a full Biodynamic off the grid farm with teaching center for veterans and clinic for alternative treatments and education.

The following are what I see as the 4 levels of health, wellness and the awareness that is part of them. We are always guided to the next step. If we listen we would know but we discount it, creating drama about the money, family, obligations, loyalties and responsibilities that our not ours. We make up excuses, usually the same ones our mothers and fathers had, repeating them; we can sometimes hear the people from our past in our heads and verbally repeating word for word and we know that we are officially full programmed!

Health, Healing and Wellness only work if we can follow spirit, your spirit openly. It will tell us everything we need, lead us exactly to where we need to be and bring to us what we need. We just have to let go of the martyr we have become. As if it is the only thing we are capable of becoming or could become? It is strongly rooted in us, especially women. Our obligation is to take care of ourselves and listen to the voice of spirit or God whatever works for us. When we are busy with all the bullshit of life, we get sick, stay sick and usually always die younger than we should have. Living is not running after things or to things. It is welcoming everything to us and taking it all in.

These levels have nothing to do with religion, politics, what you have, what you do not have and what your health is currently. These levels are also my observation/s. You can use them or not, take them or leave them. There is no stress here. Just an observation/s.

Level one: is where we start to get rest, changing the physical form or structures of life, less drama and stress, possibly job changes, massages, drinking purified water and more of it, Mental illness is prevalent. Judging ourselves against the world from our minds and not in all case/s there is an event such as illness, disease, injury, chronic abuse that has forced us to stop. Sometimes we never get from level one to level two we just force ourselves back up and out into the game again.

Level two: is where we start to move around, an exercise routine, walking, movement of some sort and we notice nature more we may even be doing our moving around in nature more. We begin to seek out meditation, affirmations, information on getting well in books and positive thinking. We attend lectures and retreats. We actively start watching our dreams, writing in journals and we start to notice the other person living within. We may start to listen to and beginning a dialog with this other part of our self. We can see our patterns and begin to understand that we have not been living “authentically”. This can induce a heavy emotional period that seems unending. We are learning that we have a choice.

Levels three: begins when we move towards eating nutrient dense foods, growing our own food or gardening, cooking, preparation of foods and juicing. Your consciousness starts to expand to more than just the physical world you are living in and we see everything around us now as living. We are starting to see how our reactions are causing your outer reality around us. We are moving towards changing the patterns causing the emotional reactions with things like yoga, chanting, herbal medicine, acupuncture and energy healing. The physical body is coming around, more energy is being held in the body by feeding it properly, the health of the body is stronger and critical thinking moves in. Focus of taking care of ourselves becomes a new rooted system. Ritual, ceremony and prayer become a focus of daily life.

Level four: is about letting go, deep practices of breath work, heart opening, emotional reacting is no longer happening. Stillness and listening have taken the place of emotional outbursts. Life is becoming sacred and there is nothing you have to do it becomes at matter of being. You may be attracted to NLP, Alphabiotics and other such re-programming/rebooting therapies to finally clear and let go of the past at this level.

Level five: We start reaching into the astral and ether realms to define us. We are building abilities to use energies from the earth, water, plants, cosmos, sun, moon to heal our dimensional being/s. It is the place in which you know you are energy, you no longer carry the heavy density of the physical body. The body is moving into being lighter and less like matter. It is the death of the shaman where the death of your old self the one who was not you anyway dies and the new is born. We reach out pulling energy to us to, recharge, increase energy out put and storing energy for the future. It is the spirit forms that we can see now through the physical of what we have known. It is where we find everything that is and every that will be. Where we become the unified being, living in a unified field, we are one with all. A reflection of God on earth.

In this work we find patients, step by step as our awareness expands the limits of what we thought we knew. We are light beings not matter what we are told or lead to know.

Currently I do traditional osteopathic medicine mixed with shamanism for treating. I simply call what I do “Energy and Structural Medicine”. I have adapted it for all living beings bugs, animals, birds, people, plants, trees, soil, buildings, land, farms, companies, corporations, businesses and whatever else is asked of me I find a way. I have always been able to see the sickness, the weakness in things and I allow the cure to come from the unified field in which I am. I always have the right tool for the right job!

May your healing efforts bloom like flowers in the summer, full wide and open.

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I appreciate proclamations and they seem to work better for me when I do use them. Affirmations have not been so successful in my personal spiritual work.

For the last month I have been building a new set or grouping of proclamations. I usually start with words that I want to bring into my awareness and work with. Then the words begin to expand into my energy field as I work with them, teaching me the energy and information contained in them. The difference in working with words for speech, writing and using them for a spiritual practice are very much different. In the spiritual practice you must make friends with the words, and then you must allow them to show you the energy they contain. The words will also show you the best way in which to use them, the words that are now your friends know you and know what is best for you. It is my personal experience and I am writing here about that. It is okay not to believe or understand what I am saying here. However everything in any reality is energy and it is our ability to know it as such.

The words that I have currently been working with are: effortlessness, joy, laughter, ceremony and sacredness. Each day I spend time with the words in the morning and they begin to show me how they want to be grouped. Like a puzzle I move them around and create sentences around them until they finally convey the exact expression I need.

I wanted to share this with you all today. This is what I have been working on, perfecting and it is such a magical grouping of proclamations!

Today will be EFFORTLESS!

Today will bring JOY & LAUGHTER to me!

Today my life is CEREMONY in motion!

and Today I find SACREDNESS in all things!

May you step into the dream, a magical world where all things exist.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


I Need to Become a Warrior…


The elements of the way that make up strategy of the warriors are the elements of the way with a heart, which allows then to derive enjoyment from each moment of time. Making use of will, control, strategy, and the awareness of impending death, warriors learn to reduce their needs to nothing. They realize that needs engender wants and misfortune. Hence, being free from need, there are no anxieties or worries. Warriors can act without the weight of need, anxiety, or unhappiness. When they cease to need, there is not compulsion, so they can involve themselves to any extent required. Free from the need, all that they have and receive – even the smallest, simplest items-become marvelous gifts; and life, regardless of how much is left to them, remains in a permanent state of abundance. ~Viktor Sanchez

One of the main themes I see in people whether it is in business or personal is suffering and anxiety. People have not been equipped in this modern day age on how to deal with such a fast paced world. Especially in America where money, being seen as a person of wealth and status is the most important of all needs that drives us. We have lost touch with the nature of whom we are and all the ancient knowledge and practices to help us to transform into who we really are.

I began to read books on the practice of being a warrior when I was about 14 years of age. I can look back down the line connecting my present moment to my past and see one factor that is totally visible to me in the process of needing and wanting. It is emotional maturity. I am shocked daily by people who have not gained emotionally maturity in dealing with the world “in the fact” or structure and truth of what it is. People cannot communicate from a place of truth or emotional maturity and either run from the situation, create a drama in which they have the justification to leave the situation or hid and pretend for the best. All of these situations for me fall under the passive aggressive behavior mold which many of us have been trained in since our birth giving our power away to “authority” which has become everything and everyone outside of us.

People are so emotionally disturbed by the fact that the reality they are living in is not the fantasy they continue to live in their minds. How could I be so stupid? I had no idea this was going on? What was I thinking? It keeps them from seriously dealing with important facts and truth that puts them more often than not on the path of destruction not the path of manifestation. Warriors learn early on to develop the critical thinking mind. We are taught that we need the critical mind to help us on the magical road to other worlds and is helpful in dealing with other beings we come across so as not to completely frighten yourself to death. When the critical mind is not developed there are fantasies, fears, a lack of personal power and the ego running the show. For me the critical mind is my adult parent who views everything the way it is without the icing on top. It is the part of me that has taken the longest time to develop and being honest here it the part of me that I am still working on staying consciousness with. The critical mind for me is the parent of the inner child or what we call the heart. The inner child was never made to run the show by itself. Would you in all honesty allow a 5 year old to drive your car to the park? Then another question we must ask ourselves why is it running out lives? By allowing the heart or inner child to run our lives we are damaging the inner part of who we are in ways that some do not recover.

The inner child is a part of us that dreams loves unconditional, touches the divine, moves through worlds and dimensions but does not make rational or well thought out decisions. When it is allowed to run the show and the world around us does not respond back to the inner child in the way it believes the world is then we can witness and feel the emotional damage. Words that come up when this happen are: betrayal, lying and fraud. The critical mind sees, hears, tastes, senses, touches, it is the left hemisphere and right side of the body which is ruled by male energies. The inner child or state of affairs of the heart which we know as dreaming, fantasy, unlimited potential, divinity all of which is found in the right hemisphere, left side of the body and it is the female energies.

We are looking for this union between ourselves because we lack the basic emotional tools and practices of spiritual nature in the unification of the self’s, selves in each one of us. The “need” which is constant as we try to pull everything outside of us into us trying to gain the feeling of together, unity, connection and belonging. However we are doing this from a fractured being, trying to: fill our needs, get our needs met, get our self together with the illusion in what we call the outside world. This is the cause of all issues related to emotional maturity and drives us into constant states of distress, chaos, drama that unfold instead. It leaves us exhausted, weary, diseased and afraid. Intimate relationships are most prevalent in the work I do for seeing into the “need” of the separation of selves which cause disassociation on many levels if the outer relationship does not go the way that the fantasy in our head is playing out. How could it go well when the relationship is basically 2 eight year olds playing house?

Would like to mention that anger, rage, violence are the reaction that is released by the person who is being used to create a whole person for a fractured person. They are also unaware that they were pulled into a relationship with a person that was fractured because on some level “like attracted like” and they themselves have fracturing as well. There is a point however that is reached no matter it if be a relationship, mother and son relationships, job, business partnership when a level of being used reaches a maximum in one of the people involved. They usually do not know exactly what is taken place but they feel tremendous anger towards the person whom they have bonded in a fractured way. Need comes from the fractured self and the lack of a critical mind to parent the inner child, keeping it safe from harm. When we are unified beings the critical mind works hand and hand with the heart or inner child. The child creates the inner ideas, feelings to produce the manifestation of this inner projection and the critical mind designs it by adding the physical and sometimes technical parts of the equations to bring it in and hold it into our reality.

If your inner child can imagine new worlds, touch the divine and bring into awareness dreamed realities then need or want is obsolete. What you may be missing is the critical mind, the observer, worker, and the part that puts the puzzle together with its own hands. In you are the Creator and the Maker you just did not know this. When you build your critical mind you become emotional mature as you find everything has a solution you just have to be present, see it for what it is not what you want and then get down to the work of changing it. You will eventually move away from need and want because you are no longer fractured, emotional hungry instead you will be creating your reality.

Leading the sober life of the warrior gives a person the equilibrium and fortitude to deal with difficult moments on the path of knowledge, regardless of the confusion suffered by reason or the injury caused by ego. ~ Viktor Sanchez

Reason or “the voice of reason” is a projection of fear, ego that has an agenda. Reason is not the same thing as the critical mind or critical thinking. Suffering from reason is just that “a reason”. Critical thinking is observation, evolution of facts / truths and not emotions. It breaks the chains of bondage to our illusion/s and the powerlessness to inter act with it at all.

Use your mind, critical thinking, question everything and choose the events you want to use your energy on, “making” your life what it is. While your inner child has room to be the creator, dreaming up possibilities, tucked in safely with the divine on the edge of imagining new world/s for all of us.

May you move towards your fractured self with unconditional love from the inner child, May you align your fractured parts into a unified field of being, and May you become the Creator and the Maker of your own reality!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


The Honor of Fall…


Fall is in the air and the cool, crispness that comes into the house in the morning for me brings newness, peace the end of the crazy season into the season of harvest, celebration of the what the earth has given us in preparation for winter where we fetal, rest, gestate and nurture ourselves from what was collected and stored during the fall.

The cycle we call Fall is a time we see the earth change in preparation for sleep, bring life extended out back into its self a going within. Nature is collecting back within her what she poured out in the spring all over the planet as life sprouted under her watchful eye. Now she calls gently calls back to her informing nature to bring back to the self, the one and the whole. Fall is the sorting; collecting and organizing all the pieces.

I currently am living in a condo. I see condo living more like a sick and confused ant hill. More things come in via the ants/people than seems to go out and the hoarding of items including garbage is the norm. In nature ants would be collecting food, taking care of young, cleaning the inner out parts of the ant hill, organized with a unified unspoken conversation. The human ants cannot seem to work together, living in fear usually self made and bringing into the ant hill useless items that cause them more distress than aid. We humans are so far removed from nature these days. We should be hoarding food. Connecting to each other in ways that nature connects her parts ensuring all are participating in the nature flow of labor and abundance. My observation of ant hills and the inhabitants has brought me more understanding than any social networking ever has.

A few mornings ago I woke up to a conversation that was taking place outside my window that woke me up. It was to crisp and cool to just hop out of bed. What bliss! This conversation was between the garden care take’r ant and one of the ants of residence here in the ant hill of suburbia. The Fall season has been slowly approaching this year. Everything in the natural world is still holding onto the ideas of summer but with readiness to transform. There are few leaves beginning in the transformation which I will identify as going from green to yellow. Even in nature some of us are always ahead of the curve.  The conversation was something like this: resident ant to care take’r ant: “looks like fall is coming early this year”. Care take’r ant: “yep, soon the leaves will all be falling down and the clean up will begin”. Resident ant: “there are so many trees with leaves here it is always a nightmare job to clean up all those leaves”. That is when I full woke up; full absorbed what that resident ant just said that the trees, their leaves and the fall clean up are nightmares? Is a nightmare? For who? Sometimes I am lucky enough to be in the right state of consciousness to notice the world around me perfectly with the words that are used to describe and how we use them. It was obvious to me that this resident ant was living a nightmare and including the magnificent, glorious nature world outside her window was catch up in.

Trees are one of the miracles of this place we call home. They are sacred in many ancient stories, myths and to this day you can find oral stories still told about them by the storytellers, usually be the first nation peoples as they still remember that which most of us have forgotten and become so distant to.

Trees can teach us so much on so many levels. Roots moving deeply into the unseen called soil, pushing towards the center of the earth and roots hold everything around them together by embracing and surrounding the soil, rocks, microbes, plants of all kinds. Trees hold our world together. The tree offers shelter; homes for countless living beings and in some cases provide food. The trees trunk is strong, stable teaching us structure, stamina, tree never looks down and raises the branches towards the cosmos collecting energy and information in a worship to the most high, Great Spirit and our ancestors. The information is collected into the tree so that the tree knows what is going on all around it. There are trees that are very old and the information that they hold and know is of great value to the environment in which they live. The tree and like most plants can adapt and as it adapts all parts of it contain not only the information about climate, cosmos, air, water but about the whole totality of what is going on around the tree but it constantly collects information coming to it from the world around it. I will include human energy as a consideration as well and in the future I will write more about the human dilemma for the tress.

When Fall comes, the tree moves into letting go, collecting its forces that are out stretched and pulls into itself getting ready for winter when it goes into sleep. The trees I am talking about are not pine/s, but the leaf baring ones. The sign of this change is the leaves turn colors, dry and fall off. These leaves contain the information that the tree collected from the environment through out the previous year. These leaves now fall onto the ground and if left like in the forest will give the information from the tree to the soil to be digested by microbes they are the beings who break down the bulk of information or leaves into another thing we call food/nutrient. Once it is digested and the nutrient/food source is taken up by the soil the information released into a way the soil can know it the fungi now pick it up and like vases cable lines run it as far as the lines stretch. Nothing is ever wasted in nature, ever. Microbes are everything the basis of all life and I have read about microbes that can even eat metal!

In the Spring what has fallen and has been utilized will become the nutrient for the entire natural world when awakening. It is a constant never ending flow, perfect without us humans needed to change nature, clean her up or impress energies such as nightmare upon her. What tress offer can have no value in a world where we buy things, what the tree offers is invaluable to the whole in which they belong. We should honor the tree, she is not a nightmare and in needed of so much labor and cleaning up, she is the giver of life and the queen of her domain called earth. She tends to life without effort gracefully moving from one season to the next. Her leaves should not be collected as if garbage and tossed out, there is no need for that. Leaves that fall are offerings of food to the microbes and they eventually create “top soil” out of them. This is what we grow plant/s in; the plants we need to eat need top soil and prefer real nutrient dense soil over fake fertilizer on depleted soil. By ending the processes of nature we end life, eventually the microbes will die or move on, the soil hardens because there are not microbes to move through the soil aerating it, breaking down the leaves and other natural debris that fall on it to be eaten and turned into nutrient for the plants, grasses, weeds and trees. When the soil hardens the water will off as there is no top soil in which to absorb it, this is one cause flooding. Next the soil blows off in the wind turning into a desert of sand where most life ceases to exist.

There is no nightmare in clean up the leaves. It is not a nightmare to be in service of ones so great like trees. It is not a night mare for the leaves to dry up, fall and land exactly where they belong. It is our honor to be so lucky to have trees to remind us about giving and honoring the cycles of life.

When I was part of the nightmare it was the battle over the natural world to fit into a form that I was patterned to desire. Anything that did not fit into the fantasy of how my life should be was “a nightmare”. I was constantly working towards something to get somewhere and I needed others to see it my way. I was not like this as a child, I moved to the rhythm of nature, studied her, followed her, sat in trees for hours dreaming in the fall I chased her leaves down the street, collected them and jumped without reservation into them.

Nature works so perfectly that everything contained in nature works together and not for a specific outcome. It just is, effortlessly it continues on day to day, season to season doing its part for the whole without complaint or suffering. In the case of a forest nature has been doing the same thing without effort for thousands of years like a Zen master. Nature she is constant and continual being without need, manipulation, fear, anger, hostility, danger or emergency. We spend so much time trying to figure out the future, global this and that. Even the greatest of us who have visions of an eco friendly, green power, urban farming world that supports us all have forgotten that all of this is already known by the natural world and if we leave it alone stop controlling it, planning it and possibly spend more time in it, in silence watching. We might be able to allow the hard drive of earth called nature to reboot allowing us to know all the information already contained.

It is “we” that call nature a nightmare, the planet we live on a nightmare, our lives a nightmare, racking of leaves a nightmare. Nature knows itself as life, giving, receiving always reaching for the light, always reaching for the creator and always perfectly co-creating. We can learn great things from a perceptive of watching nature as a dream unfolding at every moment. Maybe we would need to spend less on workshops if we really understood co-creation?

During this fall season may you honor nature by being in service of her, may you allow her to dream you a new dream as your old leaves fall off and May you awaken out of your nightmare into full co-creation with all of life, may you pile up leaves and with a great scream of joy, leap and plunge into the center!