Unconscious Imprinting…



This is a photo of water that was placed in contact with a cherry blossom and then frozen.  I would have to say that a cherry blossom has a beautiful effect on water.

I woke up early this morning with the idea for this blog, something I feel is seriously important if we want to have a conversation about food — clean, green food.  I am not going to go into all the aspects of how we and the things around us imprint on water.  You will have to click the links to study that information.  Most of you reading this may have already had some experience with the water imprinting process.



What I want to discuss is that every living thing, which includes soil, contains a certain amount of water.   Human cells are 65-90% water.   Many plants have an even higher water content.

If water has a sort of “memory” and can be imprinted, what does that mean for living things that are made up largely of water?

Research done by Russian scientists, including Leonid Izvekov and Vlail Kaznacheyev,  shows the serious implications to us, our planet, the water around us that we drink, and the food we eat.  Watch “Water: The Great Mystery.”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlWboI_0obk)

Now, if we can imprint water with thoughts or energies, and everything that is living on the earth, including ourselves, is mostly water, what has been imprinted on this water in our food that we do not know about or completely understand?  For me this is a no-brainer.   I have spent the last 25 years doing “Energetic and Structural Medicine.”  For others, it may be a hard idea to swallow, and that is OK.  I see energy and the imprinting of it as the source of what makes us better or what makes us sicker.

A few years ago I was sitting on a porch eating an apple.  It was an organic apple, one that I purchased from Whole Foods.  As I was munching along I became sad, down in the dumps, with a feeling that the whole world was wrong and unfair.  It had been a perfect day.  I had been gardening — digging in the dirt, which is the closest to Heaven I get here on Earth.  I had drunk plenty of water (which I began imprinting with joy starting in 2006), and had just stopped to rest and have bit of lunch, which included an apple.

I began to explore my own mind looking for signs, thoughts, old issues surfacing, something creating a trigger in me for this sad feeling.  After scanning all possible data for what the source might be, a stroke of insight hit me square! The down-in-the-dumps trigger was the apple.  Someone had imprinted the water in the apple!

I know that my mouth must have been gaping open something like a stroke victim.  I started seeing a mental picture, a timeline of events in the life of this apple, and it went backwards.   I saw the apple handler at Whole Foods taking it out of the box, thinking about his life.   With each thought, the apple was imprinted with information and emotion.

The next image was of a worker picking the apple in South America.  I wondered how he had been feeling when he picked it.  What was the imprint on the apple at that moment?

The last flash was of the land owner of the orchard where the apple was grown.  He was crying.  Maybe someone had died?  Maybe he was afraid that the bank was going to take his land?  Maybe he was just tired?

For the past two years, I’ve been thinking about imprinting whenever I am choosing water-based food. When I choose an apple, I now ask my higher self to help me pick the apple with the highest amount of nutrition and the highest imprinting of love and joy.

I am learning to farm, so I now prefer food from the farms I go to.  I know where what I am eating is grown, who it was grown by, and sometimes I get to pick it myself with the highest amount of love imprinting I can muster. This is my number one reason to own my own land and grow all of my own food.

Imprinting your own food after you get it home may be the next best thing you can do.  I suggest doing it at least twice.  The first time you take an item out of the bag, hold it, and using green heart-energy, send it all the love you have. Then, when you are ready to eat or cook the item, do it again. You will have the greatest effect on what you are putting in your body by your own imprinting.

When I water a garden and I have to use city water, it worries me.  I turn the situation around by praying, sending waves of love and thought to the water.

My desire is that every imprint on food be one of love.  As soon as seeds are planted, they begin to take on water, so from day one you can imprint with whatever you desire using water.  If you are struggling with illness, grow your own food and imprint it with healing light and love.

When I was raising meat birds I would spend time making sure their every need was taken care of in a loving way.  I blessed the water for them.   I imprinted them with thoughts and words of how beautiful they were.  Before I slaughtered them I honored them, thanking them and hugging them with love.

I feel that the energetic imprint is much more important than the nutrition factor.  So what if your apple’s nutritional level matches the highest standards and it was grown organically?  Was the person who picked it hung over?  Angry?  Overworked?   Unhealthy?  Stressed out?  For me, the overall value of the apple would be determined by the imprint; I really do not want any more anger or unconscious programming.

The work I do imprinting my food is the only thing I can control about it.   That can be enough to give me hope to run that extra mile during grim times!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!



a Fly’s Medicine…





There is only one link on this blog — I bet you are all relieved. The link takes you to a web page that tells a First Nation story about the fly. Fly’s wisdom (below) was copied and pasted from the website:

Multifaceted vision
Ability to change waste into valuable assets
Adaptation to the harshest environments

As of late, I have been floating along more in a right-hemisphere parade of information and deep inner being. This blog is about a real event that happened three days ago. It was the moment I finally, completely understood Fly medicine and allowed the Fly-doctor to do his work to help me heal some energy I had been carrying around for a very long time.

Fly is so small but so powerful!

Three days ago when I became a friend — true friend — to Fly, I was in the middle of a nap. I had just drifted off when Fly came into my room. I have no idea where he came from or where he left for.  (It’s just like those spirit guides to show up, do their work and leave.)

He was a larger fly, close to the size of a horse fly.  As he rambled all over the room, I started to get irritated. I began to notice my body tightening up as he crashed into objects and the buzzing seemed to get progressively louder and louder. At one point the buzzing was so loud, I could feel myself starting to get angry.

Immediately a sense came over me that Fly is my helper — helping to clear up, to transform old, dead energy. I felt a need to let Fly help me.

Fly spent much of the time bouncing off the mirrors in my room. It was as if he were flinging himself against them. I could hear thumps as Fly made contact with each mirror.  I remembered what I had learned a long time ago relating to the magic of mirrors — an energy I had not worked with in quite a while.  Past teachers had recommended not to have mirrors in the house, but that if I did, I should keep them clear and make sure my intentions were placed on them.

Fly was clearing the energy in these mirrors.  I could feel the change.  I could feel it shifting like magic, pure magic.

It was another moment in my life where Great Spirit was reminding me that I am never alone, that everything in my life is helping me, taking care of me, and that I just have to allow it to unfold.

Looked like Fly was helping me in my highest and greatest good.

Once Fly was done, I took that nap.

Later on that day I had a meeting. On the way, driving down the road, I noticed that each woman I looked at reminded me of something about my mother. There was a young, pregnant woman who reminded of my mom (and perhaps what she looked like  pregnant with me?).  After years of ignoring everything about my mother, of scratching off every thought about her, I had finally healed this life-long pain. I had allowed Fly medicine to transform this old, dead energy into something else, something so alive.

They say that when you heal, you can see God in everyone and everything. I know that this is true, as I have begun to see my mother in everyone!

As I make my way back to the land, growing food, my relationship to the Earth, my relationship to the “Mother” — Earth Mother, Sea Mother, My Mother, all Mothers — is begining to create a new energy of aliveness and life. I can allow myself to “birth” new life and creativity as I accept that I am the “Mother of all things.”

The last image I want to share is of the “Trash Heap” from the Fraggle Rock kids’ show from a while back. “Trash Heap” was the wise old woman seer, the oracle that all the characters went to consult, the Knower of All.  Flies love trash heaps; they love compost, which is an organic matter trash heap, too.  I love compost that much more, now that Fly is my teacher, helper and friend!

A couple of videos from the Trash Heap live! So funny!



Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


A start to Biodynamic bees and keeping them…


Last weekend I took my first course in Biodynamic bee keeping. There are three classes in the series.  The next one is in June and then September.

The honey bee is vital to our future. Without the honey bee we cannot grow food. In many countries around the world they are passing new legislation to protect the bees from chemicals that are depleting their population. Without honey bees we will starve. That is the absolute bottom line truth. Over the past 10 years there has been an epidemic of bees vanishing from hives due to poisons that either confuse them or kill them. Bee sanctuaries are places where humans can provide an organic, healthy environment for the bees so that they do not travel to areas where they become exposed to anything that could damage them or their hives.

I’ve inserted some links below which are videos of a man with a vision.  He created Spikenard Farm to save the honey bees.  Gunther Hauk has also written a new book entitled, “Towards saving the honey bee”.  Gunther practices Biodynamic bee keeping and that’s why I really respect his work.

If anyone raises bees and you’re searching for a  better way to handle them, Biodynamic is the answer. You can find books on bees that Ruldolf Stiener authored  for Biodynamic bee keeping. Stiener also has some very interesting views on the bee that can only bring you into a broader understanding of the bee, yourself, and the world around you.

Biodynamic farming does not practice anything that does not occur naturally.  There are biodynamic guidelines for bee keeping as well.  Biodynamic bee keepers are swarm catchers and one would be amazed with what ease these keepers can catch swarms. There are several reasons to utilize swarm collection to create hives for your gardens and farms.  Swarms are from a healthy hive.  The bees are living in an area in which you want to keep them so they are familiar with weather and food sources. The more ferrell the better.  It seems that ferrell hives are surviving many of the issues killing the hybrid bees. It is essential to have hives with strong queens to create offspring that are healthy to perpetuate the future life of the hive.

If you are contemplating becoming a keeper of bees, you may want to learn how to catch swarms to fill your hives.  One of the links below shows Gunther in action.  There are hot lines in every community where one can get added to a list to collect swarms in your particular area. When the police, fire and pest control workers are notified regarding a bee swarm, they will forward the call to the local call center for the bee keepers in that area.   So if you happen to be on that list, you’ll most likely receive a call.  Swarm collecting is the preferred method in biodynamics to create hives.

The brood chamber is very important because it is the part of the box or container where the bees live, where they make wax, collect food, nectar and raise there young.  It has to be a super chamber to fit the bill for Biodynamics.  The super chamber is a chamber that’s long in length.  The queen loves to inspect the wax chambers before ever depositing an egg in one.  Since she lays many eggs a day, her natural way of doing her work is to go up and down the full length of the waxed area of her hive.  She needs a lot of room.  The longer the chamber, the happier she is.  I have added a link for the uk demeter standards for Biodynamic bee keeping in case anyone is interested in learning more about this.

There are NO artificial queens allowed in Biodynamic bee keeping and NO synthetic chemicals of any kind.  Most Biodynamic bee keepers never use even an organic-based chemical.  There are NO artificial drone products.

The bees are never fed anything but  “bee tea” which is a tea made to feed the bees during times where food is limited — and no wax foundations.   Bee tea is a combination of clean water, organic white sugar, salt with minerals, a selection of herbs, chamomile, and, at the end, 10 percent of the mixture should be honey from the hive you’re feeding.  Using what is called a Top Bar Hive is really the only way for bees to do what they do in wax production so that wax foundations are not used.  Most of the time we have no idea where that wax is coming from.  In Biodynamics,  the farm is considered an organ and anything brought in from the outside could severely cause an imbalance.

The wax is a major component of the hive.  The bees communicate through vibrations to each other on the wax.  It sends out waves of information essential to keeping thousands of bees working together. Bees know what to do and the best thing we can do is give them what they need. The wax serves so many important functions and the bees know how to make it on their own.

I have changed my direction in what kind of hives I will eventually be collecting my swarms for. I tend to gravitate towards the traditional ways. I really love the old school German hives that are hand woven with cow manure on the outside.

In the future I will write more about bees, but for now, I will keep it short and sweet.   Plus you have all of these great links to check out!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!


http://spikenardhoneybeesanctuary.blogspot.com/ bee tea



A Season 4 everything…

Urban_Farm_Project_Logo2a_1280x720_HD (2)

4 everything there is a season:


is a good time: to have your soil evaluated; to prune roses, shrubs and bushes; to apply compost and put mulch or chips on areas of the yard that need nutrient; to remove plants and trees that are dead or not growing well ; to have / use biodynamic organic sprays for leaves to help fruit to mature; to cover sensitive plants for winter; to deal with erosion areas; to glean remaining produce; to collect and dry seeds; to build a winter cold frame; to replace organic material in your cold frame; to plant in your cold frame; to plant winter crops  as seedlings.


is a good time: to prune trees and cut back last year’s growth; to create an effective food storage operation so that your fall and winter produce will last as long as you need it to; in late winter, to start sprouting seeds to plant as seedlings in spring gardens; to create a culinary herb window garden; to plan your summer garden; to build containers to harvest water.


is a good time: to have soil evaluated; to plant new trees and plants; to build raised beds; to put in a new garden area; to have / use biodynamic organic sprays for soil fertility and root growth; to dig up rocky, sandy and clay areas and bring in new soil; to plant deep- rooting plants for erosion areas; to harvest rain / snow water; to direct seed in cold frames to grow into seedlings for summer gardens.


is a good time: to have soil evaluated; to have biodynamic organic sprays applied for soil fertility and root growth; to have / use biodynamic organic sprays for increased growth and fruit; to deal with molds and pests; to harvest produce; to collect and dry seeds; to build a cold frame for winter crops; to collect your seeds for a winter garden; transplant spring seedlings; to start winter seedlings by direct seeding; to remove the used organic materials from cold frame and put it on an area of your yard that needs compost.

I was creating a flyer for the Urban Farm Project here in Reno I had the  idea of putting on it the farming, gardening activities of every season in an attempt to get people 1) more motivated about their urban domains of food production and 2) to place the  flyer on their refridgerator as a reference on what they can do every season or perhaps hiring COE to help them!

Feel free to print a copy off this blog. Put it somewhere to remind you of where to focus your attention each season. It is not a completed list. If I have missed something feel free to let me know what it was and I will add it to the season that it belongs.

The second section includes my urban garden bed preparation for winter.

1) Built a block boarder to hold in soil that was eroding all over the sidewalks and out into the city drain. I used a run of the mill block that you see everywhere. Since I already had them, I used them. You can harvest bricks, pavers and an assortment of boarder creating items from houses being remodeled and habitat for humanity in your area usually has recycled building materials.

A few months ago the house across the street from where COE and I have been renovating began to be remodeled. I approached the new owner about the piles of bricks and pavers being thrown off the house and around the property. Since he was not interested in them, he wanted a modern look he was more than happy to let me have as many as I wanted. For me it is very important to be sustainable and thrifty. For the new owner he saved himself quit a bit of labor as well as dumping costs by me taking the materials off his hands. Whether you need the items or not at the time you come across them should not be an issue. You can store them, share them with others and if you are going to create and urban farm you will find so many uses for these used materials.

2) The bricks created a raised bed and since there was not enough soil in the garden bed. I had to bring in soil from other areas of the yard where too much soil was an issue. I added several wheel barrows of depleted soil. I will be building many different types of layers on top of the soil to fortify it. It is not necessary to have good soil, nature and I can make it good soil by spring.

I left about 4 inches of room from the top of the bricks to the soil and will be filled in with soil makings.

3) I was lucky to have piles of horse poopy here in the property that was delievered here a few months ago. I spread a medium layer of horse dropings over the soil. There was a bail of straw that was left from last fall which was rotting slowly.  Rottening is perfect to rebuild new soil. I spread out all the straw on top of the soil and horse poopy. I was able to use the straw. Otherwise I might have had to move it, take it to the dump more than likely. Again sustainabilty, using what you have, using what you can find close, using what someone else might have, saving money, saving labor, saving time and most of all saving out planet. The less we consume the less is manufactured and the less that ends up as waste in a land fill some where.

4) I had some old stumps and limbs, old dead wood laying around. Instead of tossing the old wood into the old garbage can I placed big chunks all over the garden bed. The old wood will break down slower giving the bed long term fuel, food to break down and turn into soil over time. Remember not to add materials that have toxic chemicals, those items should be removed from your yard properly, discarded properly of.

5) I watered the garden bed area to keep the material from blowing away and to assist with the breaking down. While I watered I thought good thoughts to the water coming out of the hose onto the garden bed. I thought good thoughts to the soil, the insects, the materials and to the forces of nature that will be working to break it all down and turning it into the best garden soil. This will support every need of the plants and provide very nutrient rich food for the bodies of the people eating it and in some cases animals as well.

6) There is a load of rich compost coming in a few days to place on top of what is there so far. It will get about a 3 inch cover of compost over the top. If you have a place in which you can create your own compost piles, go for it. The more your hand and heart are involved with what grows. Creating whats needed on your own land makes better medicine for the earth and will provide you with medicine as food back to you. More water. More good thoughts.

7) Lastly another layer of chips, wood chipswill come and be added to the top. Water and good thoughts.

In Nevada it can be extremely dry even in winter, check your garden bed weekly to make sure there is enough moisture to create the break down of the materials. Winterizing your garden bed for spring should be an annual activity.

Grow Food, Be free & Live for a Living!



In Your Own Backyard…

blackberries 3

Yesterday the last day of September 2011 we were out late afternoon picking blackberries off a very old mother blackberries bush. I am not sure if she could be categorized as a bush, check out the photos yourself.

After returning to Nevada in July after a 3 month large urban farm internship on the northern California coast I began to look at the area in which I was living much closer. The photos are taken in the old Sparks area. In most of our older areas of towns and cities you can find many old apple trees, peach trees, blackberries bushes and much more. With in a 3 block radius here in Sparks where I am renovating a yard I have found so many food producing plants growing on their own. I harvested 3 paper bags of peaches from the neighbors tree a few weeks ago. I Shared these beautiful and i have to say tasty peaches with 4 other families across the street. I told this tree eveyday how lovely she was and felt deep kindness towards her and it paid off in the sweetest fruit.

The issues that these old neighborhoods are facing as a result of the economic systems failing us are tragic. In the old Sparks area meth addicts and drug dealers make up a large percentage of houses being lived in. Many of these houses are no longer kept up and as a direct result the old food producing plants are dieing and under large amounts of stress due to the negative energy produced by drugs and the effects on the people taking them. we are loosing food supplies!

Notice the dog in the photos? That is my Gin Gin. She is the offical Super hero of this old community. Gin is 9 months old. She was living at a meth house across the street from where I am renovating and it is also around the block from where we were picking the blackberries in the alley way.  Gin Gin never seemed to have water in her yard, she was escaping constantly in the way of cars roaring down the street, she lived off of diapers and cat shit literally. I finally rescued her over 2 months ago. She is the smartest dog I have ever known. She is now my official peace keeper urban farm dog. Gin has some how become symbolic of this old community. Gin is fast becoming the love of my life! She loves anything I feed her, she especially loved the blackberries and goobled them as we picked them.

Without going off the deep end here i think that we all need to consider being a better part of our communities in different ways than the usual thinking process leads us.

Have you ever wondered your 3 block area and looked at what kind of plants and trees ar growing there? Are they food baring plants? Do the plants need pruning, cleaning up or maybe some compost to help feed them? Could they be removed to a better location and who could help with that? Could the fruits be removed? Could the fruits be taken to places where families in need could take them home? There are so many movements in this time period that are answering many of the questions I just asked and maybe your involvement in the future could benefit not only the plants, trees, earth, but could vey well benefit yourself, others and our animals. Just looking around and noticing sometimes all it takes for a bigger picture to open up to us. Lifting our eyes to the sky can open our minds.

We have such negitive news weighing on us day in and day out, I find getting away from it, digging in the dirt, touching a plant, a tree, an animal or another person with my hand and heart can uplift me in any situation. We are all in this together, all of us together, letting go of judgement finding what makes us more the same.

A group of us picked the most amazing blackberries yesterday, I came home and made a pie, it was so tasty, pure, it had love in it from the mother blackberry bush. She loves us for sharing in what she offers us, what she has grown for us and it is up to us to give her a future to contiue to feed us.

I encourage everyone to investigate your area in which you live, take a look and see what is growing there. If you find fruit gt prmission to pick it, then find a kid to help you harvest, any kid will do. Many kids have no idea where food comes from any more, our health, our future depends on educating them and that may mean educating ourselves on the same  issues as well.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!



Inner city Side walk Garden…

somerset and 347 update 036 (800x600)

It has been a couple of weeks since the last post. Many amazing insights have come to me. I am digesting  and allowing my inner processes to reveal all into  the blog; new videos, consulting for urban property owners in the Reno area, and an Urban Farm Project web page that should hit the net this week! Big changes here, as it all unfolds for the highest and greatest good. Just know there is more to come, my readers, more to come. I started classes on biodynamic farming and wow! wow! wow! Can I just say my life will never be the same?! I am gearing up to bring you new truths about the world in which we live! Now to the blog!

In this blog you will find before and after photos of an urban city domain that I have been renovating for 2 1/2 months.My focus has become about edible and  medicinal plants as companion plantings. The before shots were taken 2 1/2 months ago. We are going to just look at the beds outside of the fence, the front street beds, the inner part of the yard is another blog down the road!

When I began working on these beds there were many  obstacles. Reno is a desert… very demanding of the farmer. The house was built in 1905, which means a number of things: too much soil in the beds, mostly sand; no nutrient in the soil (pretty dead and lifeless); the dirt was hard as a rock and the cherry on top was that the yard sat on an old river bed full of those great round river rocks! yippeeeee

The front beds were more like enemies, they were armed and ready for battle. I was going to have to use those present moment techniques I have learned to stay in the game. My mental chant “Carry Water and Chop Wood” breath, breath, breath……..

The first tasks on the list was to remove soil? How much soil? I discovered that you can read books but in the end it is the land and you. This can lead to situations in farming that you’re lack of experience creates confusion. However, you are the only one who can appropriately make decisions it in order to grow and provide food and herbs to sustain and heal.  What needs to be done should be based on your eyes, ears, smell, feel and, ultimately for me,  intuition.

The depletion of the soil was so extreme the only sensible measure I could take was to remove 6 to 10 inches of soil. I hit those river rocks at about 4 inches, and I suspect the people across the road heard a few cuss words!

My Dad always taught me to do a job right. How I feel inside about what I am doing is how to do the job right. I see why so many people take the easy way, the short way and are angry, with an unsuccessful result. I was going  hold fast  to  ”doing the job right the first time.”  In order to do it right ,I must dig the soil all the way out. The front beds found my weaknesses, but in the end,  helped me recapture past experiences and recover energy that had been blocked. Energy blocks that I now realize had kept me repeating cycles of frustration, giving up on myself and blocking my own life’s energy.

While I am engaged in the practice of urban farming I always offer gratitude. Always thank the water, the soil, the earth for helping you to clear any energies. These energies can stand in the way of your life. Farming has given me my life back with great respect to all things, even myself. I had many a prayer smoke with the greatest thanks to the great spirit, during the renovation of the front beds.  I became  always thank you no matter what!

I shoveled the old dirt out and wagon’d it to the back into a pile. Later, when I have a chance, I will turn it into a compost,  regenerating and using it in the future on other parts of the yard. When all the dirt was out I applied a new top soil. I made this top soil from 1/2 completed compost, fir mulch and a potting soil. I mixed them all together and filled the long beds. Later on, as the plants in the beds grew, I applied another inch  of fir mulch and kelp meal. Here in the Reno area we have alkaline soils, with alkaline water. We need to add in much needed acids to get the balance so plants will grow. Just like the human body: too much alkaline and the heart will stop and too much acid and the heart will stop. We are so similar to soil and plants in what we need to grow, seed, bloom and bear fruit. Since we eat the plants, does it not make sense that they need to be perfectly balanced to give us the proper balance. Kelp meal is the most amazing nutrient! If I have time in the future I will blog just about kelp meal!

I am becoming a bit of an old school farmer. I do not want to buy what I can make or cultivate from my own yard or someone else’s. The first plants I planted were yarrow. Yarrow is my friend… what I do learn about it and from it blows my lid off! You can use yarrow blooms to create nitrogen preps for soil. You can mow it creating an herb lawn that mulches itself, thus adding nutrient in the long-term to soil. It holds water and can be planted around sensitive areas that need to be cooler. Yarrow can bring ancient nutrients up from the depths of the earth to feed and nourish other plants. You can make ales out of yarrow for stomach ailments. Yarrow gives and gives. I prefer the wild yarrow that is a non-hybrid.  It has white flowers. Yarrow grows wild!  Dig it up and plant it where you need it  most.

Next, I found a large area of penny royal in the yard. I love penny royal.  It has a great smell and bees love it. It helps, like yarrow,  and attracts bees to your yard. This is necessary for growing a deluxe garden. You can rub it onto the skin as a natural bug repellent. Penny royal grows fast and is a good ground cover, helping to cool down areas for trees and plants that enjoy cooler moist climates.

Then, I planted onions, every kind of onion i could get my hands on. There are large white and purple onions, shallots and green onions. Remember I am gathering all of these plants from other people and places. My first choice would be from a bio dynamic farm…d  plants have a vibration of love.

A serious issue of domain was the bugs. Sugar ants, carpenter ants, earwigs…….. Creating a front bed barrier to new bugs migrating in was imperative, the onions have done a master job in creating this barrier. When the onions move in the yarrow and penny royal literally sang. I had no idea what great companions onions would be and no idea what companion planting can really bring to the table until I felt the perfection.

Lastly I direct -seeded calendula, and with the right soil and the companions already the calendula has grown so fast!  It’s beauty has warmed the cold heart. I am looking forward to using it in healing balms. If there are any words I could write to express the glory of growing herbs, it is in the moment when you have a need for them and you can go pick them, your own medicine, and make it up right there. Last night our doggy, Gin Gin, came home from the vet. She had her lady parts fixed. The razor the vet used to shave her left burn marks. I went out picked a few leaves of comfry, mashed it up, added a bit of grape seed oil and applied it to her burn areas. The results were nothing short of perfection. The best is that if she licks it no big deal!

Maintenance:    I cultivate the soil in the beds once a month, water and will be putting a layer of chips and mulch and inch deep over it for winter. Everything will reseed and be big and thicker next year. The front beds have become a slice of heaven for all of us; the grower, the owner, the people walking and driving by. It is like a hope, a dream for a better day, a sigh of relief in a world of stress, pain and frustration. I have created an energy of delight to the senses…the eyes, smell, taste and touch. Peace surrounds me, from  the plants, from what I am doing, and why I choose the methods I use. People drive by, turn around and visit the yard. Maybe the real change we need has to do with the plant and tree world. It appears to me that they create life, which is love, respect and reverence .  I am finding that I just need to be aware, give them nourishment and  love.  This way the green world will teach me everything i need to know.

In the near future I am teaching classes on medicinal plants and planting with harvesting for healing as my goal. For now I am just listening to them and and allow the teaching they offer to me to make me whole.

This week the Urban Farm Project had it’s first job and is launching a traveling consulting company, specializing in edible and medicinal plants in urban areas. You never can tell where life will lead you? You never know what you will do or how you will do it? You never know until you learn to Chop that wood and Carry that water, which means to just focus on what is front of you, learn about it, immerse yourself in it, be it, and become it!

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!



Nature is far less JUDGEMENTAL than Humans…

crazy lady chichen and turks 007 (640x480) (2)

The story begins when i met the chicken i chose to name “the crazy lady chicken.”

A few months ago i arrived at the first farming internship (there is a really long story about my intern experience in general and will be presented in a book towards the end of my old age). three days into the farm education I got my first chance to collect the evening eggs from a large cartel of laying hens. Having the farmer educate you about his/her farm is a priority on any farm. Knowing what to do at any time is essential to handling any kind of domesticated animals, including protecting them from the wild ones. A farm is a constant battle against nature!

During the evenings leading up to the moment where crazy lady and I collide, I watched the farmr basically manhandle the crazy lady to get under her to feel if there were any eggs. Back then i knew her as a mean chicken who would growl and peck aggressively. To be honest, i was scare of her. On the third evening it was my turn, egg box in hand, leather gloves on, and away I went to collect the eggs come hell of high water. I opened the door, there were seveal nests in which the hens lay their eggs during the course of the day. I did what any grwn woman would do; I searched the open nests first. Then I turned towards the crazy lady nest. I put my han under her and the batte began. I was so close to her I noticed that she had these wild eyebrows, the kind you see on older men, like giant spiders on a face. She was crazy, the look in her eyes and the way looked. From that time on I have called her the crazy lady. I am thinking you may want t know how i carried out my searches under the crazy lady, I used a broom! I slip the broom under her, lift and a clear shot for any eggs!

Turns out that she neve leaves her nest. She just wants eggs to sit on, she wants to keep them warm, take care of them until they hatch (28 days in this case) and her bottom line is just to be a mom. Because of herbad attitude the other hens avoided her and never laid an egg in her nest. I am pretty sure this made her even more difficult to deal with. Crazy lady just had hios heart felt desire to incubate and raise a family, not too mch to as, right? To make matters a little more complicated we have no rooster, so the crazy lady would have died without realizing her dream of motherhood.

Enter the turkeys.We have Turkeys and boy do I love turkeys. Though our turkeys and hens share a pen during the day (free range), they all lay eggs, they are pretty simliar besides the size difference. they all seem to get along. Turkey eggs are the same size as hen eggs and have a tendency to have a type of speckle look on the shell, this is how we tell the eggs apart.

Sometime ago, long before i moved to the farm to inten the farmer bought the turkeys in a box through the mail. We think that we can just buy animals, plants but when we allow them to undergo the natural processes ofwho and what they are not only are thre permanent flaws, but their offspring will also suffer. Generations need to exist on the same land, a farm for successful natural breeding and this also applies to plants. It is either a quick meal to fill the belly or medicine for body whic do you prefer?

We have 7 turkeys at the time of this story 6 female and one turd of a male turkey. We know for a fact that the male is fertile however he is not the brightest bulb dealing “between the sheets”. there are times when he literally cannot find th area he needs to be implanting.  I have witnessed the females turkeys get pretty my at the guy. The female turkeys were laying eggs for month, they never could hatch them. they were missing basic skills. I had no idea until i was present on the farm that these are issues animals have. If we look around we see them present within our whole society and we want to create life in a test tube? what are we thinking and what are we not taking repsonsiblity for? These adult turkeys were hatched in a box under a light, and then mailed by snail mail to the farmer. They have no identity and social skills because they were not properly sat on in a nest, cared for, managed, rotated and raised by a live care taker with love and care.  They were not protected, they were not shown how to eat, what to eat, how to care, nurture and raise off spring.  Now you would think that it would just be in there somewhere in the genes maybe? It seems not to be. These turkeys were just like so many people who basically hatch out their kids and ignore them. the results are unsatisfactory, to say the least. Our turkeys could not figure out how to sit on their nests, how many should sit on one nest (up to 3 some days which crushed many of their eggs) and where to lay the eggs. The female turkeys became so thin. Brooder animals will sit on the eggs until they hatch. the brooder is an animal who will take responsiblity for all the eggs layed even if they did not lay most of them. The brooder will sit on the eggs until they hatch; they will starve themselves, as the eggs are the most vital thing at that time for them. In the case of our turkeys they were not able to practice the basic nesting skills their eggs never hatched.  if they never have an egg hatch the do not remember to eat, they continue to sit and sit. Eggs can last a month or so before they need to be sat on to start the process of incubation.

The farmer understood what was happen to the turkeys and began collecting their eggs as soon they egg was laid. The farmer was not sure what he was going to do with them. The farmer had about 10 turkey eggs he had been saving, his desire was to come up with a solution to hatching the eggs. One day the farmer realized that there were many chickens that were brooding and that one of hem could be put on to the turkeys eggs to hatch them. The next day we rolled a big wooden box with a door into the hen pen, cleaned it, put straw in it, water and food. That night the farmer put the turkey eggs in the straw and in the dark the hen of choice was placed on top. The next day we looked in the box and the hen was not interested. What to do? What to do? The only real choice all along was  the crazy lady; her destiny was always shown to us. The very next night the old crazy lady finally got the chance se had been  waiting for. She was put in the box after dark and when we looked the next morning she was in complete bliss. Crazy lady had that nest fixed up all the eggs tucked in, her body spread as far in all directions that she coul physically manage. She was so happy, proud and doing what her hearts desire wanted to do. She did not care that the eggs she was sitting on belong to the turkeys; she just wanted to nurture them with all her heart. Crazy lady was the most comitted mother to those eggs for 28 days.

It was a Tuesday evening we heard peeps from the brooding box. The eggs had hatched. Five of the 10 eggs hatched she was very protective, she would growl at us and hide them under and behind her. The baby turkeys being very curious would try to look around her to see us and the crazy lady would just tuck them back and preparing for a battle in case we came to close. They are hers, she teaches them, they listen and watch her carefully. She shows them how to get the best bugs with patients and sometimes she even will share hers. These turkeys are getting the proper raising it will change the cycle and how they raise their offspring. they will in turn become good mothers with the skills of “how to” that the grumpy crazy old lady chicken gave them.

I know any of us have a heart felt desires that never seem to manifest. Maybe like the crazy lady we had our own agenda of how, why, when and what was supposed to arrive. A bit of advice… when spirit comes in the night and delivers not exactly what we wanted, we may need to open ourselves and treat “it” as if it is what we wanted for at least 28 days.

Grow Food, Be Free & Live for a Living!